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The Thud

I’m a simple man. Well, not really, but in my head I like to think that I am. Sometimes all I want on a Saturday night is to sit quietly and enjoy a movie on TV. Either something that’s airing on Turner Classic Movies, or whatever fun horror movie beloved host Svengoolie might have lined up. Last Saturday night there was a double feature of movies on TCM hosted and picked by Martin Scorsese.

The first part of the double feature that night was “Blood on the Moon,” a 1948 Western starring Robert Mitchum with Noir overtones. I had always heard good things about it and decided to tune in. Being something of a B-movie, it was short, running at a zippy 88 minutes. I was watching it downstairs in my movie room. I was in my cozy, trusty recliner. My precious and adorable cat, Lucy, was happily curled up in the armchair across from me.

I was halfway into the movie when I heard a thud. I wasn’t sure what it was. I didn’t know if something fell, if it was a car passing by, or some other random thing. I didn’t think much of this thud. Then it happened again, and I could tell it was coming from behind me, sounding like it was outside the house on the street. Again, I didn’t think much of this. Then when the sound happened again, and then again with family quick succession, Lucy perked up and looked in the direction of the sound.

This is when I became concerned. If the sound was enough to disturb my cat, that meant it was time to investigate. I got up and went towards the door to my garage, the sound kept happening repeatedly, it sounded louder too. I began to wonder if there was a crash, or an explosion, or what? I went upstairs to look out the bay window in my kitchen. There was one more thud as I reached the top of the stairs, but as I looked out towards the street the sound had stopped.

I looked out and didn’t see anything. This led to more confusion. It was still outside and it looked like any other average night on my block. The thud was no more, there was no traffic, no people scurrying about. I walked to the other end of the house where there was a window to look out into the backyard. That was when I noticed something.

The motion light near the trashcans was on, and sure enough, my trashcan was overturned in the backyard. Moved an impressive six feet or so from where it usually is. The trash had been collected recently, so thankfully there was only one bag in it. That bag, however, was strewn out in the yard. “Uh, oh. A bear!” I thought to myself.

I debated going out to get the trash can and bag back to where they were, which might have been stupid. Sure enough, the next day my neighbor posted on Facebook that they had caught a bear going through the garbage on their house camera. So yes, kids, we had a bear. The trash can was placed back in its right spot later on, and I managed to not get mangled. Despite living in a mostly residential area, it is impressive just how much wildlife comes out of the nearby forest area for a visit now and then. As long as I don’t meet them personally, I’m OK with it. See you next week.


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