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The Air Conditioning Rollercoaster

These are the trick days, my friends. The days when the weather likes to be cold in the morning and very warm in the evenings. The days when you’re not sure what on earth to set your air conditioner to. If you set it for warm, you’ll be toasty and happy in the mornings, but miserable in the evening and angry with yourself when you try to sleep.

Setting it for the cool setting means a happy house in the late afternoon and evening, pleasant sleep, but also waking up and feeling like you need to grab a jacket as soon as you leave your bed. They say you should set your house to a cooler temp for better sleep, and I have found this to be true. I just think it’s a bit of a shock to the system to wake up and feel like you’re at the north pole, only for the temps to reach 75 outside later that same day.

Now, I know that you could set the house to the one temperature you want it to be at all day and night, throw the thermostat into “auto mode” and you’ll be happy all the live long day. However, doing that will most likely cause the A/C unit to run an awful lot, and despite being a man of creature comforts I do want to be somewhat friendly to the environment with my central air system.

Still, and I know it’s the first of first-world problems, it is annoying to play the game of “What are we setting the AC to today?” I try to keep things around 71 degrees right now. That way if it’s a hotter day it keeps the house from being miserable, but in the mornings it’s not too bad cold either. Today though, it was 65 in the house when I woke up and it was quite warm last night. So warm I left my overhead ceiling fan on while I slept, which helped me sleep, but it was very cold indeed in my bedroom.

I got out of bed, opened my closet, and grabbed a fleece robe. I went into the kitchen and had some coffee, then I went to my living room to sit and figure out my day. After an hour or so with my morning coffee and then breakfast, I’ll find I’m too hot in the robe and take it off. Then I go down to the basement office and it’s cold so I have to get the robe again. Only to wrap up work before lunch to head back upstairs and find it’s now a most pleasant 72 in the house.

That was the day I was glad I switched things to cool as it soon got to be 74 outside and it was downright humid in the house the day before when I still had things set to warm. Just something so unpleasant about a humid house. It makes me all kinds of grumpy. One summer my A/C unit went out and had to be replaced. It got up to 87 inside my home and I didn’t sleep, my poor cat was sleeping by the air vents in hopes to feel something.

But I will be happy when the weather decides to get itself together and I can finally leave the A/C on one thing instead of setting it warm one day for a day or two, bouncing over to cool for another few days, then back to warm, repeat. The irony is I know darn well I will be bitterly complaining about missing the cold mornings when the deep heat of summer is here. I don’t enjoy the super hot air.

Some do, and that’s fine, but it was never my cup of tea. However, I am looking forward to warmer days ahead after these up-and-down mornings. Then I can set the thermostat to 72 and leave it there till the Fall. I can’t wait to get off the weather rollercoaster. See you next week.


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