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Senior Year

Rebel Wilson stars in the new movie "Senior Year", and at times she seems almost unrecognizable. Why? The Australian actress, known for films such as "Bridesmaids" and "Pitch Perfect", decided she wanted to live a healthier lifestyle and lost nearly 80lbs. If you saw Rebel on a recent cover of People magazine you can really see the difference. In her current comedy Rebel stars as Australian immigrant Stephanie Conway, who after a disastrous birthday party in 1999, decides she wants to be one of the popular kids at school, and begins a self-made makeover. The makeover is successful as Stephanie (the teen version played by Angourie Rice) soon becomes the cheer squad captain while dating uber popular Blaine. Flash forward to her Senior year in 2002 where she hopes to become prom queen and eventually have a life like a former prom queen who now lives in a mansion. Stephanie lives with her widowed father and is still friends with two less popular students, Mathan and Seth. Despite dating Blaine, Seth (played by Zarie Adams and Sam Richardson) has always had a secret crush on Stephanie. Even though she is one of the most popular students in school, she has a rival named Tiffany (played by Ana Yi Puig and Zoe Chao) who is challenging her for homecoming queen, and happens to be the ex-girlfriend of Blaine. Their rivalry leads Tiffany to plot against Stephanie during a pep rally, leaving the head cheerleader injured and in a coma. The film then moves forward to 2022 showing Stephanie in the hospital where she has been comatose for the last twenty years. Stephanie suddenly wakes up, and while her family and friends are thrilled, despite being older she still has the mind of a teen. Stephanie is shocked to learn what has happened with Blaine and Tiffany while she was in a coma, and despite her former love disappointing her, she decides to return to high school to finish her Senior year. On her first day back at school she discovers Seth is the school librarian and Martha is the school principal. Stephanie's return is met with laughs and shock as she returns to school in her old 1990's style. While in school she meets Tiffany's daughter Brit (Jade Bender), who is the most popular girl in school with a huge social media following. Many things have changed at the school since Stephanie originally attended, as the principal has created an over-the-top politically correct high school where the cheerleaders perform boring and sanitized routines with no dancing, and no prom king or queen. Stephanie soon gets many of the students on her side, including the cheer squad, in her efforts to bring a bit of life back to her high school. Stephanie's plans are often met with disdain by Principle Martha, who eventually confronts Stephanie and reveals how while she was in a coma she and Seth were the only two other than family who visited her in the hospital. She is even shocked to discover her high Senior yearbook dedicated a page to her as if she had died. A prom is held, a king and queen are crowned, and Stephanie holds an after prom party which leads to trouble. Along her way to becoming popular, both in 2002 and 2022 Stephanie hurt her friends, and learns a valuable lesson as to what is most important in life. The film features sassy humor, embarrassing moments, heartbreaks and joy during Stephanie's mental journey to adulthood. The film even features a great cameo from "Clueless" star Alicia Silverstone! Led by Wilson, "Senior Year" is a fun and frothy film that has heart beneath the harsh reality of high school life and the often bumpy road to adulthood. Now playing on Netflix. (Rated R)



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