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The current film "Argylle" is an all-star action-comedy-spy film featuring Bryce Dallas Howard as Elly Conway, a successful spy novelist who finds herself in danger and intrigue. At the beginning of the film Conway is writing her fifth novel about the spy adventures of the fictional James Bond style character Aubrey Argylle( Henry Cavill), until she experiences a writer's block, leading her to travel to her parents home by train. While she is on the train to her parents home, accompanied by her pet cat Alfie, she is saved by a real spy named Aidan Wylde (Sam Rockwell) who tells her an evil organization called the Division is out to get her because her novels seem to predict the organization's future. After the attack and a thrilling escape, the duo travel to England in the hopes that the next chapter of her unfinished novel will reveal how to stop the Division. While in London searching for a "Masterkey" that would help expose the Division Elly referenced in her novels, she Wh suspicious Aidan is out to kill her as well. In a panic, Elly calls her parents for help, and after they arrive matters take an unexpected turn. I will not reveal what happens when the parents arrive, other than to say the duo are once again on the run, eventually arriving in France. While in France, Elly has more shocking surprises awaiting her, and once again the two are attacked and make another harrowing escape. While she is fleeing danger, her invented character Argylle keeps appearing to her via her imagination, giving her tips and advising her along the way. Elly also discovers her real name is Rachel, and her real occupation is revealed to her by former CIA deputy director Alfie Solomon (Samuel L.Jackson). After she shockingly discovers her real name and occupation, the duo are once again on the road, this time to Arabia, where they retrieve the Masterkey, but have a direct showdown with the Division on their oil tanker headquarters. At the end of the film, Elly/Rachel is speaking at a book signing for her latest Argylle novel, and has a surprise in the audience, leaving her a bit stunned. The film does have a mid-credits scene tying the film to "The Kingsman" film series. The all-star cast does a wonderful job, and other actors featured in the film include Bryan Cranston, Catherine O'Hara, John Cena and Dua Lipa. Howard is right on target as the confused novelist, displaying great comedic touches in her performance. Cavill appears to be auditioning for the role of James Bond in the film, and his interesting haircut nearly steals the film, along with the cat portraying Alfie. This fast-paced film requires your full attention, so if you plan on seeing the film in a theater, plan accordingly. The screenplay's clever plot twists provide for an enjoyable film, and the aforementioned Rockwell appears to be having a blast in his role. "Argylle" is a great choice for those looking for a action-comedy-spy film to take a break from the real world. (Rated PG-13)



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