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Do Revenge

Take "Clueless" and combine that film with "Mean Girls" and you will have the fill of the current film "Do Revenge". The film stars Camila Mendes of "Riverdale" fame and Maya Hawke of "Stranger Things" fame. Mendes stars as popular student Drea Torres who is attending Rosehill Country Day High School on a scholarship, and Hawke is featured as Eleanor, a rather awkward and less-than-popular student. Thus, the two have very different high school experiences, but will eventually cross paths and eventually become friends. Matters start going downhill for Drea after her boyfriend anonymously releases a scandalous video of her in an intimate moment. The video results in Drea becoming an outcast just as school is about to end for the summer. During the summer Drea works at a tennis camp where she crosses paths with Eleanor one day after her car fails to start. While Eleanor is taking Drea home, she reveals she has also become an outcast at school after a rumor spreads about her that may or may not be true. The revelation by Eleanor results in the two uniting in order to seek revenge on each other's rivals. Drea will help seek revenge on Elenaor's rival Carissa (Ava Capri), and Eleanor will help seek revenge on Drea's ex-boyfriend Max (Austin Abrams). The plan begins with Drea giving Eleanor a makeover (apparently always a part of these teen movies) to make her more alluring to Max, and give her the opportunity to become a part of Drea's old clique. Eleanor is able to become a part of Drea's old clique and discovers Max is cheating on his new girlfriend, providing some ammunition for the duo's plot. Meanwhile, Drea runs across Carissa at the beach and is able to steal her keys, giving her access to the school's greenhouse which Carissa helps run, and has some controversial items growing in the locked greenhouse. The "special" items are later used by Drea in the food at the school's Senior Ring Ceremony, resulting in quite shocking behaviour. When Drea discovers Max hiding under a table and stoned out of his mind, she is able to get his phone and she and Eleanor discover Max to be a serial cheater. The ceremony ends with Carissa being found guilty of growing magic mushrooms and marijuana in the school's greenhouse. The two plan to reveal the cheating ways of Max at the Valentine's Day assembly, and when the do, Max and his current girlfriend pretend to be a polyamorous couple. As if the plot not working as planned is not enough, Drea learns she has been rejected by her dream school Yale, and spirals downward. Her disappointment and continued rejection by the popular students results in Drea devising another plan to take down Max and her former friends at the upcoming Admissions party which will be attended only by those students who have been accepted by an Ivy League school. As the new plan develops, Eleanor, who has become a part of Max's clique, is surprised by Max and crew when they throw her a birthday party. Drea crashes the party and realizes Eleanor loves being popular, and has taken Max's side, resulting in the two new friends separating. Drea is able to uncover some dirt on Eleanor after she visits Carissa at a rehab facility, and plans on using the info to take down her former friend. When Drea confronts Eleanor with her newly acquired info, Eleanor reveals her own shocking information, and things turn even more sour between the duo, until a moment at the Admissions

Party unites the two once more. The film does end on a happy note despite all the drama and teenage angst. The actors are all perfectly suited to their respective roles, with Mendes hardly needing to stretch in a role that is not that far removed from her role as Veronica in "Riverdale". As for Hawke, she often steals the movie, as she does in her role on "Stranger Things." The film is not in any way groundbreaking, but does provide another new story for those who enjoy films of this genre. "Do Revenge" is pure pop fluff, and is a pleasant diversion for those seeking a bit of dark comedy. Now playing on Netflix. (Rated TV-MA)



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