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Christmas on Mistletoe Farm

Every year during the holidays we are bombarded with new Christmas movies and specials to join the long time classics we enjoy viewing. Most of the holiday films include kids, a potential romance, animals, a dire situation, and a few eccentric characters. Well all of the aforementioned are in the new film, "Christmas on Mistletoe Farm", now streaming. The British made film follows the Cunningham family of London as they carry out their daily routines and prepare for Christmas. Scott Cunningham (Scott Garnham) is widowed (see above) and is raising five kids and trying to be the best at his high rise office job while dealing with his demanding boss Ms Fletcher( Ashley Jensen). While at work one day Scott opens an email regarding a farm left to him by his long absent father. After the shock subsides, he decides to take the kids out for a visit during the holidays much to the displeasure of Ms Fletcher who insists he have his important work assignment completed ASAP without distractions. Upon arrival at the farm the family is greeted by the various animals residing there, and experience some issues in the farm house. When the kids visit the barn they are surprised by the presence of a man named Beano (Scott Paige), who is the farmhand. Beano, who is definitely eccentric (again see above), wins the kids over with his wacky charm and introduces them to all the animals in the barn. Meanwhile, Scott is trying to work on his assignment but is continually interrupted by happenings on the farm that need his attention. While he is in the barn, local veterinarian Miss Ashley (Kathryn Drysdale) pops in and she and Scott immediately clash (see above), but you know they will eventually get together. Later Beano takes the family to meet the local village people (yes the movie includes a rendition of a Village People hit), and they are very welcoming and are excited to have the new residents. The group even includes a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker! The meeting with the local residents convinces Scott he wants to return to London, but his kids love the farm and the local residents and want to stay. The kids, along with Beano and the local residents, devise a plan to keep the Cunninghams there, which includes getting Scott and Miss Ashely together. As all the aforementioned is taking place, Ms Fletcher is back in London fuming about Scott's situation, and has decided to visit the farm to see what is going on. Scott has also responded to a flyer he found at the farm about developers wanting to buy the farm (see above to complete the plot points), and eventually two men visit the farm in hopes of making the purchase. As one might expect, Scott eventually falls in love with the farm, the locals, and Miss Ashley, and decides he wants to stay there forever. The film ends with a shocking surprise for Scott, and a hoedown in the Cunningham's barn featuring the entire cast. The film is holiday fluff, and would be right at home on the Hallmark Channel, which is fine. I did love the fact the film is set in England, as I remember watching a British holiday film last year which I enjoyed. The only annoyance I had with the film was the character of Beano, who is often more silly than funny, but I'm sure younger kids will like him. Beano aside, "Christmas on Mistletoe Farm" is a holiday treat for the entire family, with the beautiful scenery of the English countryside adding to the enjoyment of the film. Just don't expect anything unique from the film other than the lovely British accents. Now playing on Netflix. (Rated TV-G)


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