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Your Place or Mine

I have always loved Reese Witherspoon. My favorite film from the Nashville raised actress is "Legally Blonde", and to a lesser extent its sequel. Reese is back in the new film "Your Place or Mine" with co-star Ashton Kutcher ("That 70's Show") now showing on Netflix. Reece stars as Debbie Dunn, who 20 years ago hooked up with Peter Coleman (Kutcher), and even though the two never went on to pursue a romantic relationship, have remained best friends since that one night together. Debbie currently lives in L.A. and is a single mom raising her son Jack (Wesley Kimmel) while trying to pursue a career that will help with finances even though she would rather be part of the book publishing world. Meanwhile, Peter is a highly successful consultant living in New York City. The two communicate daily much to the dismay of Peter's girlfriend Minka (Zoe Chao), who begins to wonder just how serious Peter is about their relationship. When Minka discovers Debbie is coming to New York to complete an accountancy course to secure a pay raise, she decides to dump Peter after the news and his refusal to make a commitment to her. Meanwhile, back in L.A., Debbie is hit with the news her sitter for Jack has an unexpected job opportunity leaving her without a sitter. Upon hearing the news, Peter tells Debbe he would be happy to fly out to care for Jack while she takes her class in New York. Debbie, a very "smothering" parent, agrees to the arrangement and heads to New York after Peter arrives in L.A. Jack has always lived under the uber strict rules of his mom, and while he finds Jack strange at first, beings to love how his replacement sitter gives him the most freedom he has ever experienced. Jack, who has been rejected by two of his best friends, is receiving help from Peter to win them back. While she is in New York, Debbie begins her class and meets Minka who wants to see what Peters sees in his best friend. Minka actually takes Debbie under her wing, and one night while the two are out they see famous book publisher Theo Martin (Jesse Williams), strike up a conservation, and soon Theo and Debbie are crushing on each other. In a roundabout way, Peter discovers the budding romance between Theo and Debbie, and begins to realize he has feelings for Debbie and should have never let her go. As for Debbie, while she may be falling for Theo, she discovers something hidden in Peter's apartment that awakens feelings in her as well. From this point forward, one awaits the eventual reunion between Peter and Debbie. The film has plenty of "cute" moments as one would expect from this type of film, and even provides some laughs. Reese is her usual peppy self, and this role is perfect for her. Kutcher is a fine co-star for bubbly Reese, and the two have great screen chemistry. The supporting cast is also great, with Chao perfectly cast as the ditzy "I don't read" Minka. Steve Zahn is also on hand as Zen, Debbie's rich neighbor who is always tending to her garden while harboring a crush on his neighbor. All of the aforementioned results in an enjoyable romcom romp. If you enjoy this genre of film, and are a fan of Reese, "Your Place of Mine" is the film for you. Now playing on Netflix. (Rated PG-13)



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