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Your Different World

Have you ever stopped to notice that your social media feed has a whole different feel than the people around you?

Your feed reflects the world as you choose to see it. You have control over which sources you receive content from, which may vary greatly from anyone else in your circle. You can choose from a variety of news sources and see different life updates from friends. You may see news first or hear about it from others who have chosen different news sources. You may see positive or negative updates, but your feed reflects the current state of your world.

Unlike traditional advertising that shows a specific ad to a whole viewing area, social media advertising is targeted based on web browsing patterns. The websites you visit and the products you search for are all collected in a database that creates relevant social media ads targeted specifically to your tastes. Traditional advertising may show you irrelevant products or services based on your area, whereas social media advertising is targeted specifically to your interests and needs.

Social media algorithms provide the ability to change the look and feel of your feed as your world changes. Periodically assess your news sources, friends lists, and advertising preferences to ensure that your feed accurately depicts the world you wish to see.


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