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You're Definitely Guilty of This...

The vague post. The "I'm going through a rough time. Keep me in your thoughts, but don't ask me about it, because I don't want to talk about it." post.

Your connections care deeply about what you're going through and want to help you. They're left sitting around wondering what they could do to get you through your situation and feeling helpless.

Alert your connections if you feel you will be more withdrawn by simply saying that you'll be off of social media for a while to handle a situation in your life and that you will discuss it when you're ready (if you can). Sometimes you need to let your world know that you're not in the right mindset to handle questions or talk about the issue. The way that you present your social media absence will make or break how serious you are taken. Approach your absence with caution and avoid the cringe post that will leave everyone hanging.


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