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What’s Happening in Your Town?

Your community has a lot to offer. Tapping into local businesses and organizations will bring you closer to the people who are shaping your world. Collaboration can forge meaningful relationships while creating ideas that can boost your social media visibility.

Sharing content from businesses and organizations that your audience frequently travels to shows that you are interested in building your community, not just looking for sales. It builds a level of respect from your community that will lay a foundation for future business. Show your fellow community members that you want to build with them, not against them by sharing their updates with your audience.

Collaborating with other businesses offers the advantage of reaching a wider audience who may not be aware of what your business has to offer. Reach out to similar businesses in your area to create a mutually beneficial partnership to expand your prospects.

A willingness to constantly connect with your community is a key factor in a successful business. Growing with your community will foster a welcoming environment for potential sales.


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