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What Motivates You?

How do you feel when you use your product or service? Your potential customers could experience the same feelings. Would you be happy to see your users' reactions to your product or service? If you are not happy with the end result, your target audience may pass on it.

Start thinking of your product or service from the user's point of view. What should the user gain from the experience? Which part of the intended experience is missing? Thinking as a user allows you to see strengths and weaknesses before they are pointed out by the audience you are trying to reach.

The same mentality should be used on social media. Think about how your audience sees your content. Would you be proud to share it on your personal page? Sharing your content on your personal pages boosts visibility, so if you are uneasy sharing it on your page, engagement will be low, at best.

Motivation is the key to engagement. Motivating yourself to see things from the perspective of your audience will motivate your audience to engage with you, your product, or your service.


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