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What Mood Does Your Content Create?

Does your social media content set a mood? Does it motivate your audience to think of you for solutions to their problems? Does it inspire them? What mood should you strive for when creating content?

Inspirational content can help your audience through tough times. It shows them that you care about them on a personal level. It can bring your audience together through hope for a brighter future.

Content that solves issues can bond your audience through confidence. When your audience feels confident that you are the solution to their issues, they have a common bond with previously assisted customers.

Sales content can get tricky. Social media users are looking for solutions, not sales. Following the 80/20 rule can help steer content away from being seen as sales versus solutions. The 80/20 rule suggests that 80 percent of content should be helpful to your audience and 20 percent should be sales. This ensures less promotion which instills confidence in your audience.

Setting the right mood can make or break your social media presence. Research the perfect mood to create a bond with your audience and leave a lasting impression



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