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We Need the Myspace Era Again

Friendships used to live or die by the “Myspace 8.” We had one guaranteed friend… Tom. We coded our pages to match our personalities and chose our home page song based on our mood. 

The Myspace era was a simpler time. Our pages were full of the important things in life, like who was crushing on who, what was trending, and the best songs. We were carefree and happy.

Our online world is now full of depressing news and political views. It’s a dark world where positivity is a rarity. The Myspace era needs to make a comeback. Instead of forced politics and horrendous news, we need more uplifting content. We need the feeling of being carefree and happy again. Our newsfeeds need to be filled with people lifting each other up instead of school shootings. We need less trying to keep up with everyone else and more using the internet to make ourselves better people. 

Social media needs a retro shift back to the way it used to be. Before influencers caused us to believe our lives aren’t good enough because we aren’t jet setting to every photogenic location in the world. Before Photoshop became the reason for our insecurities. It’s up to us to make the change. How will you start the shift?

Myspace currently exists in a much different format than the original at


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