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Was Kim K Right?

When Kim Kardashian had the audacity to announce a few months ago that “no one wants to work anymore” and we all needed to “get off our a** and work” it really stuck in my craw and I took to social media to rant about the nerve of this woman and her privilege. However, in light of recent events, I’m starting to ask myself…was Kim K actually right??

One of the most unexpected challenges I’ve faced in my new career role has been hiring folks to work events. Which comes as quite the surprise considering that inflation is at an all-time high, driving the cost of every day goods like gas and groceries through the roof. I didn’t realize the world was suddenly filled with John D. Rockefellers! Maybe everyone is getting rich off Bitcoin.

When I accepted this position my main concern was going to be selling the product itself; I figured I’d have no issues finding young, broke 20somethings to work events. But the drink is so well curated it sells itself, while the promotions on the other hand are failing to work themselves.

In one week alone I’ve scheduled 3 different zoom interviews with people who have responded to the job postings and a big fat ZERO have called in for it. A couple days ago a girl sent her phone number via LinkedIn and said she was available for a phone call the next day. When I text her to confirm a time, she never responded. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone.

It isn’t just me either. When chatting with a local bar manager in Johnson City, he told me he recently posted an ad for Bartenders Needed. He got 74 responses and contacted each one via email, text or phone and told them to show up for an in-person interview on a certain day at a certain time. Of those 74, 6 people actually showed up to interview and a whopping 1 person made it to their first day of work. Those are incomprehensible numbers!

I’m having a hard time trying to put my finger on what is happening and how so many people are currently able to live and not work. With so many having lost jobs during the pandemic and the cost of living being absolutely astronomical, one would think that standing in a liquor store for 2-3 hours and making $100 would sound pretty darned good to anyone! For me personally, I’m still trying to get caught up from losing my job in 2020 and even with my generous salary, between increased credit card debt and Nashville quickly becoming the most expensive place on Earth to live, I’m still living paycheck to paycheck and currently exploring side hustles to work in my little bit of free time.

I don’t want to sound like the old curmudgeon, shaking my fist at “these kids today,” but there does seem to be an air of entitlement, laziness and unprofessionalism amongst many of the Gen Z-ers. While brand ambassador work is a side gig, part-time at best, I am still paying you and you’re still representing my brand, which makes me your boss even if it is just for 3 hours a week. I have never ignored a text from a superior, told them I was going to do something and didn’t show up, or spoken to a manager for the first time and not presented myself clearly and professionally; and I’ve definitely never contacted them via telephone outside of appropriate business hours. While I understand people keep different schedules, I feel if you have a question for your boss in the middle of the night, you should email it or just wait until 9-5pm the next day. This just seems like common sense to me.

Manners and professional conduct are a matter of respect. You give respect to people who are helping you pay your bills by keeping your word. You also give respect to yourself by having integrity and work ethic. Dressing well and speaking legibly shows you care about your appearance which is essentially is a reflection of the company you’re representing. It also shows you take pride in caring for yourself, which is the most important investment you can make. I don’t want someone representing my name and my brand who didn’t brush their hair or tuck in their shirt and referred to me as “bro” in the first conversation. Maybe I’m old school, but it just seems there is no desire to impress anyone anymore, whether it’s work related or dating or friendships or otherwise.

Hopefully this is a temporary or regional issue I’m encountering and will pass quickly. It honestly might just be a shock because it’s my first time dealing with hiring and I’ll get used to it. The old adage “it’s hard to find good help” has been around for a hundred years for a reason. But on that note, if you know of anyone, send em my way! I’ve got lots of work if someone, somewhere would only want it. In the meantime if you need me, I’ll be on my hustle, same as always.


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