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The Hidden Lives of Pets

If you love animals, have pets, or just love a show that will make you happy and filled with wonder then I suggest you check out the new Netflix show "The Hidden Lives of Pets." The series is four episodes long and follows various humans and their extraordinary pets. The first episode is entitled "Intelligence" and features a border collie who loves to BASE jump with his master, a dancing cockatoo, and racing rats. I especially enjoyed the border collie in this episode who after watching his human BASE jump many times, is eventually thrilled to jump off a cliff with his owner. Of course the dancing cockatoo is a hoot to watch and has become a social media star. The second episode is called "Communication" and highlights a canine who communicates with his human by pressing buttons that say various words, sometimes even two at a time to make a small sentence. The dog's ability is being studied for the ability to see how humans and dogs can better communicate. The episode also features the vocal abilities of parrots, one of which lives in a zoo, and has the uncanny knack of "teasing" his trainer. Episode three is entitled "Super Senses" and displays the fascinating heat-seeking abilities of newly born puppies whose eyes haven't opened, soccer playing goldfish (yes!) and a cat who loves hiking with his human, and has the ability to always get them back to camp via a built-in GPS. The fourth and final episode of the series is entitled "Athletes" and features the ultra-speedy greuster dogs, the agility of a rabbit, and some endurance champ tortoises. The series is narrated by Hugh Bonneville of "Downton Abbey" fame and his voice is perfect for the series. We all know animals have various talents, but this series really brings said talents into the spotlight. Have you ever seen a rabbit paint? Dogs that predict seizures? A rat driving a car? A surfing dog? A lizard that can perform an act of opening a closed window after watching a video with instructions? Well you will on this show! Every episode is full of surprises, and will make you look twice at your pet or the one living next door. Animals have always been more intelligent than they often are credited for, as this series clearly displays. Even if you have no pets, you may want to adopt or buy one after viewing the series. I highly recommend this show for the entire family, and kids will especially enjoy seeing all the fascinating abilities of the animals featured. The series is a quick watch with all episodes running 33 minutes and under. If you need a break from the harsh realities of the world, be sure to catch "The Hidden Lives of Pets" now playing on Netflix. (Rated TV-G)



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