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There is a new fantasy film now showing on Netflix you may want to check out featuring "Aquaman" star Jason Momoa. "Slumberland" is based on the comic strip "Little Nemo in Slumberland", and co-stars Marlow Barkley as a young girl raised in a lighthouse who has dreams of Slumberland. The story begins by introducing us to Nemo and her father Peter (Kyle Chandler), a lighthouse keeper who has taught his 11-year-old daughter all about running a lighthouse. Each night Peter tells his daughter wild stories about his adventures with a character named Flip. One of the stories is how he and Flip search a cave to find magical wish-granting pearls. Of course the stories cause Nemo to have wild dreams each night. One night as Peter is telling Nemo another wild story, a ship is in distress and he must leave to help. The trip results in Peter being lost at sea and feared dead. After this tragedy, Nemo is sent to live with her uncle and Peter's brother Phillip (Chris O'Dowd), who is not exactly thrilled about raising a child. Nemo moved to an unnamed city with Phillip, who is living a rather dull and unhappy life, even though he loves his job of selling door knobs. Nemo struggles with her new life in the city and with her new guardian, and seeks solace with her stuffed pig named Pig and her nightly dreams in Slumberland. During one episode, Pig comes to life and Nemo finds herself in Slumberland, the world between dreams. During this visit her beg magically grows legs and transports her back to the lighthouse where she meets Flip (Momoa), a character who is not only a dream "outlaw" but is very stubborn as well. Flip is in the lighthouse searching for a magical map of which Nemo knows nothing about. When she awakens Nemo finds the map in the waking world and manages to take it back to Flip in Slumberland so she can help find the magic pearls to wish her father into her dreams. Flip confides to Nemo he has no idea who is in the waking world as he has refused to "wake up" for so long. The two use the map to journey through the dreams of others in order to find the cave containing the magic pearls. While on their journey through others dreams, they are attacked by a cloud of smoke resembling a kraken (a legendary sea monster), which Nemo encountered in a previous dream in which the creature took her dad. As if this isn't bad enough, the two are being chased by Agent Green (Weruche Opia), an operative of the BoSA (Bureau of Subconscious Activities), who has been in pursuit of Flip for his dream hopping and never waking up. Despite continued dream hopping, Flip is eventually caught, and when Nemo wakes up Phillips shows her an old video tape of him and Peter as children. While viewing the tape, Nemo realizes her uncle is actually Flip, and due to refusing to wake up, remains in his unadventurous and static state. The story continues back and forth between Slumberland and the waking world with Nemo and her uncle finally becoming close due to a near tragedy involving Nemo. As the film ends, Nemo has become more comfortable in her school, and Phillip is finally becoming more outgoing in life, and shows real love and a caring attitude toward his niece. The film was amazingly beautiful and the special effects are wonderful. Momoa appears to be having a blast as Flip, with his horns and sharp teeth. Co-star Barkley is very effective and sweet in her role, and I really enjoyed when her stuffed pig came to life. "Slumberland" is a film the entire family can enjoy and is purely a magical adventure. Now showing on Netflix. (Rated PG)



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