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Reframe Your Posts

Every single time something major happens in the political world, social media feeds become clogged with opinions, false information, and incomplete judgments. Hostility reigns and friendships are weakened. We need to change the narrative of political speech.

Free speech is important, and is encouraged, but nobody is free of the consequences of that speech, regardless of the intentions. When you share a post, it sends a message to your followers (likely the people you are closest to) that your values align with that post. If your followers do not agree, tension will ensue. There is an unspoken rule for brands on social media that states that if a topic does not directly affect you, do not address it because backlash may occur. That advice is encouraged for all social media users. Err on the side of human decency if you feel the need to share a post and even if it is taken the wrong way, your good intentions will be brought to light.

Before you make your next post, ask yourself if it's worth losing friends over. Most likely the answer is no. Inform yourself on the issue you're posting about and see opposing viewpoints to get a fresh perspective before you risk losing valuable relationships.


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