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Rainy Day Recourse

They say that April showers bring May flowers, and if that’s the case we’re going to be flush with bundles of bloomers this spring! It feels like we’re having a lot more rain this spring than I’ve seen in the last few years, and I’m not complaining. I’m somewhat of a pluviophile or “a person who enjoys rain and rainy days, and is fascinated by the sights and sounds of rain.” (Definition according to I would take a stormy gray day indoors over sweating in the sun any day of the week. For some strange reason, I become far more productive without the lure of the sun to draw me out of doors and away from looming tasks at home. Being held captive by the rain means I have limited distractions, and honestly, I adore any excuse to stay in my comfy clothes, catching up on my favorite television and enjoying my favorite foods. Lets face it, in these times of inflation, leaving the house at all costs at least a hundred dollars! For those of you not aligned with my dreary state of mind however, I’ve compiled a list of activities to maybe sway your opinion, and at least make you appreciative of the much-needed precipitation before we’re all fully immersed in the sweltering heat of summer.

While curling up in bed or on the couch can be quite tempting on a drab day, its important to first tackle at least one task you’ve been avoiding so you can celebrate the fruits of your labor with laziness afterward. Compile a list of spring cleaning to-do’s and set the intention of only handling one thing. What I’ve found is that -much like working out- our minds are 99% of the problem. Once you just take the plunge and just start the process, you’ll build motivation and go above and beyond the task at hand. I’ve also realized that the majority of dreaded things I put off for weeks and months end up taking around 15 minutes and weren’t nearly as bad as my mind built them up to be. So start small and work from there. If cleaning baseboards are on the list, set a goal of just handling one room. If that is completed quickly and you’re motivated to do more, then move to the next room. If not-great! You still got something out of the way that needed to be done. Washing windows, blinds, ceiling fans, cleaning out closets, vacuuming under beds- all those things that get neglected during day-to-day cleaning are perfect to attend to when you’re stuck inside due to the elements.

It's also a great time to spring clean your digital living spaces as well as your physical ones. Make storage on your phone by deleting all the duplicate and unnecessary photos taking up space. Clear out all the junk from your email and unsubscribe from spam. If you’re signed up to receive texts from various businesses, request to stop sending the messages. Block your exes on social media. Scroll back to 2014 on your Instagram and delete any grainy pics of hamburgers or sunsets you posted that have no sentimental value. In this day and age, the things that are using up our digital data and slowing down our devices can also weigh just as heavily on our brains and slow down our functioning. While it might take a few hours, just think of the relief you’ll get not being bombarded with ads day in and day out for the rest of eternity!

Once you’ve completed the not so fun stuff, it’s time to reward yourself with something enjoyable. Rainy days are the perfect time to learn something new! While I think we’re all inclined to seek solace in our comfort zones of the familiar, there is no growth in those places. Make a goal to explore something unfamiliar every time the weather has you stuck indoors with nothing to do. Download DuoLingo and begin learning a second language. Instead of re-watching the same shows you’ve been looping since 2002, find a movie with great critical acclaim you’ve not yet seen. Try your hand at a new foreign dish you can’t pronounce. Pick up an actual book instead of doom scrolling endlessly on social media. Pen your thoughts in a journal or try your hand at a new hobby. Do something to get the wheels cranking in your mind that maybe have been a bit sedentary from the monotony of everyday life.

A rainy day is also the perfect time to invite friends over for an intimate gathering. A spontaneous dinner party or game night is a great way to connect in real life with friends who you maybe only see digitally. Offer a theme and a main dish and host a potluck, asking everyone else to supply a side or a drink. You could also organize a wine tasting, where everyone brings their favorite bottle and you all share; its an opportunity to find a flavor you otherwise would never have known about! Good old fashioned game nights are always a blast. Dig out that Monopoly box out of storage or coordinate everyone for a game of Charades- there’s just something nostalgic about the light-hearted fun of bonding over games from childhood.

Rainy days don’t have to be depressing. I hope this article has given you ideas to consider and maybe-just maybe- you might one day look forward to weathering storms as much as me!

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