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Nextdoor: Your Online Neighborhood

“When neighbors start talking, good things happen.”

We network with people all over the world throughout the day, but we have lost touch with the people right outside our front door. Technology has caused us to grow apart from our community. Nextdoor uses technology to bring us back together.

The platform offered by Nextdoor allows users to create a website devoted to neighborhood activities. It encourages conversations about trustworthy services, garage sales, block parties, suspicious activities, and lost animals. Staying in touch while out of town is easy with the mobile app.

Nextdoor encourages city entities, fire stations, and police departments to keep residents informed of activities. Over 100 cities are already working with Nextdoor to create better communities.

Nextdoor takes social media to the next level by reminding us that in a world where we can connect to the other side of the globe in seconds, the best connection of all is our community.

Find out how Nextdoor can help your neighborhood by visiting


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