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Mixing Business and Pleasure

It's 10:00 PM. You've had a long day managing multiple social media accounts and all you want to do is send one last funny meme to your friend to end the day on a high note. You realize you're on the brand account of a high profile client a minute after you hit send.

Staying signed into brand accounts on personal time is risky. One minute you're sending a funny meme, the next you're scrambling to save the reputations of the brands you manage.

If this nightmare scenario occurs, immediately delete the post and minimize the damage as quickly as possible. Draft an apology to deploy on all platforms if necessary. A sincere apology is necessary in a world where internet users have been unconsciously trained to spot fake apologies.

Contact everyone associated with marketing and public relations with both involved parties. Bring everyone up to speed on the situation and form a plan to salvage the brand reputation. A crisis communications plan is crucial to any brand, business, or organization with a social media presence. Having a plan of action will allow you to properly respond in the event of an accidental post.

Before you transition from work to home, sign out of all brand accounts on all of your devices. Make sure you do not have access to accidentally post to the brand accounts. If you must be signed in, be sure to double check before posting to avoid a public relations nightmare.


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