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Misaligned Values

What do you do when your values differ from that of the rest of your company? A difference of opinion can be frustrating, but there are several solutions.

Have a talk with the rest of your staff. Expressing all viewpoints will bring ideas that may not have been thought of. Brainstorm ideas on how to come to a solution that will bring the best outcome.

Stepping away from the situation may help clear your mind and see things from another perspective, or at least calm a heated situation. Take at least a ten minute break from everyone involved and revisit the issue when you feel refreshed.

Research the issue to see if there may be any information you’re missing. Incomplete information may change the way the issue is perceived.Bring each piece of researched information to the table to make the most informed decision.

Misaligned values aren’t necessarily a recipe for disaster. When approached with caution, they can turn a difference of opinion into an educational experience.


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