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Me Time

Don't get me wrong I do like Kevin Hart but I feel Hollywood has wasted his talents with "comedies". In the current film "Me Time" Hart is often reduced to fighting with a CGI mountain lion among other silly activities. Hart co-stars with Mark Wahlberg who has had his own hits and misses, so why can't this duo be successful together? Hart and Wahlberg play best friends Sonny Fisher and Huck Dembo respectively, with Sonny the married one and Huck the single one. The friends used to meet up every year on Huck's birthday, but stopped meeting 15 years ago due to Sonny's near death experience, which we are witness to. Currently, Sonny is a stay-at-home dad, and is not happy when Huck contacts him to be part of his yearly birthday celebration which usually involves some extravagant event. At first Sonny refuses to go, but after his wife Maya (Regina Hall) encourages him to have some "me time", he agrees to stay home while his wife and kids leave town. Sonny soon becomes bored and decides to join Huck's birthday adventure. When Sonny joins Huck and his cohorts, he finds them skinny dipping, and after the shock wears off, he joins the group on their party bus which has Huck's face plastered on the side. Having no idea where they are headed, Sonny is surprised to find the group dumped in the desert by the bus where there are communal yurts set up. Huck then provides the group with various weapons and advises them they are to use the knives, swords, etc to forage for food. Sonny is not happy with any of this, and is able to finally get a cell phone signal in order to reach his wife, who he discovers is helping her wealthy client Armando (Luis Gerardo Mendez) after he arrives at Maya's parents house in a seaplane. The rest of the story involves a loan shark, a break in at Armando's house, an injured tortoise, and a wild party at Sonny's to celebrate Huck's birthday. The party is accidentally shared on social media and becomes a rager, with singer Seal showing up. While the party is in full swing, Maya and the kids arrive home, and she is so furious, takes the kids and leaves Sonny. Her actions set up the expected eventual reunion for the couple, and a surprise, or not so surprising joint business venture for Sonny and Huck. The performances in the film match the material given, which is often tacky and a waste for both actors. Hart and Wahlberg do work well together, and it would be nice to see them teamed up in a better film. If you desire a silly comedy with little to offer other than a few chuckles here and there, "Me Time" is your film, otherwise find something better. Now playing on Netflix. (Rated R)



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