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Make New Friends!

The internet has made it simple to make friends all over the world, but two apps are focused on creating connections right outside your door.

The platform offered by Nextdoor allows users to create a website devoted to neighborhood activities. It encourages conversations about trustworthy services, garage sales, block parties, suspicious activities, and lost animals. Staying in touch while out of town is easy with the mobile app. It encourages users to meet their neighbors and form relationships that can enhance everyday life.

Nextdoor takes social media to the next level by reminding us that in a world where we can connect to the other side of the globe in seconds, the best connection of all is our community. (

Using trending beers and places, Untappd encourages members to stray from the norm and try something new. Untappd makes it easy to find local beer lovers and meet new people. Did you just try an AMAZING beer and can’t wait to share it with your friends? The mobile app lets you spread the word (and make new connections over a shared love of a new beer) before you leave the bar. (

Connecting with your neighbors is easier than ever. The internet is a great place to discover people near you!


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