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Is Your Two Cents Worth It?

You just spotted a controversial status update from a major brand and noticed it has gone viral. You imagine getting a ton of traction from other users of that platform if you respond, but is your input on the update worth the response?

The answer will almost always be no… unless the controversy directly impacts your brand or industry. Inserting yourself into a conversation that does not directly impact you could have negative results for your company.

Your stance on a controversial issue should not be known to the public unless your business is directly impacted by it. Free speech applies, but that does not mean the consequences of that speech are free of repercussions. Your brand could be irreparably damaged by one comment.

Silence is golden in controversial situations and can mean the difference between repeat business and a negative reputation. Think about the consequences on your brand before you make a decision to speak on an issue that does not directly impact you or your business.

*Printed in Volume ___ Issue __, January ___, 2022*


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