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How Does Your Target Audience Talk to Each Other?

Imagine a conversation between two customers in your store. They’re discussing pricing, quality, if they really need your product, and if your brand morals match theirs. They’re looking to justify a large purchase that they could use, but ultimately could live without.

Couples, partners, and roommates have these conversations all the time. Social media opens the doors for the conversation to include more opinions. It allows people who have had previous experience with your brand to chime in. Good or bad, these conversations will shape a customer’s purchasing decisions.

Seeing your social media content and branding strategies from the perspective of customers in your store allows you to better understand how to craft a strategy that will resonate and turn into sales. The on the verge customer just needs one reason to tip them into a sale. That reason is in your hands. Make the most of the opportunity.

*Printed in Volume 02 Issue 143, September 14, 2021*


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