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I have always been a fan of action/adventure films, so I was looking forward to catching the new film "Ghosted" starring Captain America himself Chris Evans. While I have enjoyed the work of Evans, I feel he comes into his own when his roles feature comedic moments. Sure, he can be dramatic with the best, but I feel he shines when he can give audiences some laughs. In his latest role Evans is cast as Cole Turner, a vendor at a Washington D.C. farmers market where he meets an attractive girl named Sadie (Ana de Armas). Even though they argue over a plant Cole does not want Sadie to buy, the two eventually meet for coffee and eventually go out on a date that soon turns into more. When Cole returns to his parents farm, he finds himself continually texting Sadie who does not respond. Cole's sister is convinced Sadie is "ghosting" him, and he should forget about her. Cole refuses, and after discovering she is in London, decides to surprise her by traveling to the United Kingdom. Not long after he arrives in London in search of Sadie, he is abducted by arms dealers from Pakistan who take him for a CIA operative known as "the Taxman". Despite trying to convince his abductors he is not part of the CIA, they are not convinced, and as they are about to torture him to get a passcode to something they covet, Sadie swoops in to rescue him. After the exciting rescue, Sadie reveals herself as the Taxman, and she and Cole argue about her lying. Sadie is trying to avoid those, including ex-French Intelligence agent Leveque (Adrien Brody), who need the password from her that will open a bio-weapon called Aztec. When the two arrive in a nearby town, they meet with Sadie's former love, who has agreed to take Cole home to keep him out of Sadie's mission. The plans are thwarted when several bounty hunters after the two, off each other, leaving the duo on their own. Sadie will use Cole as bait to lure Leveque into the open, who soon shows up to take Cole in an attempt to retrieve the passcode. Leveque's plan fails, as the two manage to escape the plane they are being held in and manage to land on Socotra Island, where they are rescued by the U.S. Marines. The duo then are taken to D.C. where Sadie is suspended from duty for losing Aztec, but Cole is to be used by the CIA as a substitute Taxman. Cole is to meet Leveque in a revolving restaurant in an effort to supposedly sell him the passcode. There is a big showdown in the revolving restaurant, which begins to spin out of control, only adding to the suspense and excitement. As one might expect, the good guys win in the end, but not after we have plenty of chase scenes and bantering between the two co-stars to enjoy. The film does not end in cliffhanger style, but does leave the possibility for future adventures with Sadie and Cole. The actors are all wonderful in their respective roles, with Evans and Armas having great onscreen chemistry. The film features Amy Sedaris and Tate Donovan as Cole's parents, and they are a pleasant addition. There is also a surprise cameo by a famous actor who interacts with Evans in a hilarious scene toward the conclusion of the film. This film has the right mix of action, comedy and romance to make for a fun movie night for older kids and adults. Director Dexter Fletcher ("Band of Brothers") does a wonderful job of keeping the film moving at a brisk pace and allowing the actors to shine. The film doesn't break any new ground concerning its plot, but who cares as the charm of Evans carries the film. "Ghosted '' is a film to be enjoyed when you need a "popcorn" flick to forget the challenges of everyday life. Now playing on Apple TV+. (Rated PG-13)



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