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Four Ways to Ruin Your Brand

Your brand reputation is everything. Protecting it means constantly maintaining your social media presence and safeguarding against a potential crisis. Avoiding four simple mistakes can help you maintain an image that will draw in your target audience and help build relationships that can lead to sales.

Failure to Continue Learning

Learning is a constant process. If you feel as if you already know everything there is to know about your field, how can your followers expect to learn from you? Refusal to grow hinders your ability to be seen as a leader because you are showing your followers that you are not open to varying opinions.The world is full of lessons to learn and if you are unwilling to pursue continuous education, your brand will suffer.

Grammatical Errors

Grammar mistakes are the best way to keep your content from being shared. Errors indicate an unstructured strategy and unverified content. Read your content out loud before posting to catch errors before you share it with your audience. Putting your best foot forward starts with creating a clear message.

Overpromoting Your Brand

The 80/20 social media marketing rule states that 80% of your posts should provide value or solve problems for your audience and 20% should promote your business. When you alter that dynamic, you risk losing followers and business. Your goal is to assist your audience in finding solutions to their issues. Spending 80% of your time focused on solving problems will help the 20% promotional material fall into place.

Not Engaging Your Audience

Social media is about having conversations with your audience. Neglecting comments and questions will raise concerns about your level of customer service and how much value you place on your potential customers. Respond to every single comment and question to let your audience know they are being heard. Social media is a two way street. If your audience is talking to a brick wall, they are unlikely to purchase your product or service.

Simple actions can make or break your brand. How far are you willing to go to build your reputation?


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