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Four Things To Ask Before You Post

Posting content in a cancel culture world can feel like walking on eggshells. There are four specific things to consider to make sure your content doesn't negatively impact your image.

How would a customer view this content?

What would you think of your company if you were seeing your content as a first time customer? Take a step back and view your content from the perspective of a first time buyer. First impressions can make or break your customer base and most first impressions are now made online.

What if this went viral?

Going viral is unlikely in most scenarios, but you still need to consider the possibility. Mistakes or improper remarks will be amplified if your content does go viral, leading to potential reputation loss.

Can this be interpreted as offensive?

Defending an unpopular stance can be tricky. Even if the offensive post is taken down, screen shots may still exist. Your brand could come crashing down with one word or photo. The golden rule is that if an issue doesn't directly impact you or your brand, stay silent.

Do I absolutely need to post something political?

Politics is a very touchy subject. It's impossible to have every person that sees your content agree with you. If politics applies to your brand, post sparingly and carefully. Keeping your political beliefs unseen and unheard can save you and your brand from a lot of time spent handling backlash.

Carefully considered content can save you from a world of hassle. A 30 minute brainstorming session is well worth not having to deal with potential lost revenue.


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