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Firedrake The Silver Dragon

Who doesn't love a good dragon every now and then? From the fiercely loyal dragons of "Game of Thrones" to the talking dragons "Dragonheart" and "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug", the mystical creatures have fascinated audiences for decades. A new dragon makes his mark in the current animated film "Firedrake The Silver Dragon", previously titled "Dragon Rider." The film is based on a 1997 German children's novel, and is a German produced 3D computer animated adventure. The film is the story of Silverdrake, a young, and rare, silver dragon, who along with his fellow dragons, have had to live for years staying hidden from humans. At one point during their history, these dragons were partners with humans, who would ride them, aka Dragon Riders, until at one point the humans turned against the dragons, after the creation of a beast made of gold was created to hunt them down and kill them. The dragons have been living a peaceful life in their hidden wooded valley, but Silverdrake becomes tired of staying hidden. When Silverdrake discovers his family's last refuge is about to be destroyed by encroaching humans, he sets out on an adventure with a forest brownie (a creature from Scottish folklore) named Sorrel. The two are determined to find the "Rim of Heaven", a mysterious haven for dragons. While on their journey, the two encounter a human orphan and stray named Ben, who tells the two he is a dragon rider, due to his liking of the film "How to Train Your Dragon." Ben develops a fast relationship with Silverdrake, despite the misgivings of Sorrel. The newly formed trio continue the effort to find the Rim of Heaven, in order to help save the other dragons. While continuing on their adventure, the trio are constantly being pursued by the aforementioned monster named Nettlebrand, who loves to munch on tasty dragons, and is voiced by the marvelous Patrick Stewart. While on their trek, Sorrel is constantly trying to get rid of Ben, who she doesn't trust. Despite her misgivings, she eventually realizes, despite his lie about being a dragon rider, he is willing to help the duo in their effort to help save dragons from mankind. The trio eventually have a showdown with Nettlebrand, and it doesn't end well for one of the characters (hint...the good guys win). As one might expect, the film ends on a happy note, as the dragons survive their near run-in with humans. The film features wonderful computer animated imagery, and has a very magical tone and look. The dialogue is very witty, with Stewart's Nettlebrand getting some of the best quips. At one point, Nettlebrand's tiny assistant signs him up on a dating app, leading to some of the film's best laughs. Oh, and there is also an encounter with a genie, resulting in a genie/monster battle. Aside from the wonderful Stewart, the rest of the voice cast includes Thomas Brodie-Sangster ("Maze Runner"), Felicity Jones ("Rogue One: A Star Wars Story") , and Freddie Highmore ("The Good Doctor:), so the film is well cast with talented actors. If you enjoy dragons, animated films, or are in search of a fun film to enjoy with the family for the Halloween season, add "Firedrake The Silver Dragon" to your list. Now playing on Netflix. (Rated TV-Y7)



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