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Family Health and Wellness Ideas for Fall

By []Jenni Foster

Wellness is about a state of wellbeing and health in your family’s life. As the autumn season comes peeking around the corner, here are some fun & family friendly activities to keep everyone in your household staying active, healthy, and connecting with one another through health & wellness!

Evening Walks

The cooler weather of fall is the perfect time to begin a routine of taking an evening walk as a family. Walks are great for the entire gang, because the littlest ones can ride in a stroller or wagon and kids a little older can skip alongside or ride their trikes, bikes, skateboards, etc! For even more wellness benefits, consider timing your walk between dinner and bedtime to aid in digestion of the evening meal as well as encourage good sleep for the night!

Active Game Night

Connecting as a family on a regular basis is vital to relationship health. Family game night is a great way to do this! Take it up one more notch by selecting active games each week! When the outdoor weather is beautiful, games like basketball, relay races, obstacle courses in the backyard, and trampoline time get you moving and enjoying the fall season. For days that are cold and wet, take the movement indoors with games like Wii Sports, classic Twister, or even a competitive dance party!

Outdoor Yard Cleanup

For families with a lawn area at home, get the whole family involved in fall cleanup activities! Rake or blow the leaves into a pile and have a little fun jumping and playing together in it before removal. Other ideas include picking up trash and other yard waste or creating fun outdoor decorations for the home together! No yard at home? Take the cleanup fun to a local park, to a grandparent’s or other relative’s house or anywhere a little TLC may be needed!

Charity Events

Growing the connection that your family has with one another, as well as the community around you, is vital to a healthy state of mind! Consider teaming up as a family for an active charity event this year! Many organizations offer marathons, runs and walks of all shapes and sizes, as well as other types of active competitions to get your heart pumping and your hand helping! Many families find that doing charity events together at least yearly helps to build character, their relationship with each other, and their community.

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