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Down With The Dirty Delete!

So you posted content that you believed would garner support then ended up getting burned instead so you deleted the post. If the content no longer exists on the platform it was created on, it can't come back to haunt you, right? Wrong. Screenshots kept the post alive despite your best efforts and now the backlash is too much to handle.

The dirty delete has become a common way to attempt escaping comments that differ from the way content is intended. Instead of allowing for a difference of opinion that could lead to education, it creates a sense of immaturity.

The emotional labor of the respondents is wasted when the original content is removed. Educating someone with a different take requires time and effort that is diminished by removing the content.

Leaving responses in the abyss without context gaslights the people who tried to right a wrong and makes them appear to be speaking nonsense. With the original content deleted, no one can see the full conversation to fully understand the narrative.

An unwillingness to learn and grow from the post shows problematic tendencies and an inability to handle constructive conversations. An unwillingness to hear another side other than your own prevents others from properly engaging to have a clear and educational discussion.

Unless the content is directly harmful, leave the post and all comments up and update to show you understand why the post was problematic and that you are willing to learn and grow from the education provided. Comments can always be added to show the growth that has been created from the conversation and your commitment to doing better in the future.

Making a mistake proves you're human. Showing you can learn and grow shows you understand that you may not be an expert, but that you're willing to put in the time and effort to change your opinion.


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