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Don't Dissipate Downtime

"Gotta use this lonely time to change the picture in my frame of mind." - O - Town

Moments of downtime pave the way to reflect on your business and consider change. Downtime promotes a clear mind ready to see your business through a different perspective. Creating a strategy for change will open your eyes to how your business can grow.

Reflecting on your social media presence will bring out issues you may not have realized. A SWOT or a PEST analysis will deep dive into your business to bring awareness to aspects of your business you likely have not considered, including social and technical issues.

How would you feel if you stepped into your store for the first time? Take a step back and dedicate yourself to seeing your business from the perspective of a customer. Are you presenting your business in a way that entices sales? Considering how you can help your customers be their best positions you above your competition. People need people who can solve their problems. Step into the role of a customer and find out how you would feel in their shoes. Would you buy from your business?

A walk around your store presents opportunities to strengthen your first impression. A well kept building and entrance invite customers to come in to see what you have to offer. Find out what needs attention and work to correct all structural, design, and eye catching flaws before customers can spot them to show your commitment to professional interactions.

A commitment to customer satisfaction can breathe new life into your business. Change the picture in your brand’s frame of mind. Embrace your downtime to help your business thrive. Not using small pieces of downtime now may create long instances of downtime in the future through loss of sales.


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