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DC League of Super Pets

Most people I know enjoy an animated film in their cinema diet every now and then. One film you may want to consider is "DC League of Super Pets", featuring the vocal talents of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart. The film begins on the planet of Krypton where the soon-to-be Superman's parents have placed baby Kal-El into a space pod to send him to Earth. At the last second his beloved dog Krypto jumps into the pod, and heads off into space with his master as Krypton is destroyed. The film then moves forward as we see Kal-El, now known as Clark Kent living in a Metropolis apartment with the now adult Krypto (Johnson). Of course, we know Clark is a reporter for The Daily Planet and is in love with fellow reporter Lois Lane. Krypto becomes jealous of Lois, and is worried when the two marry he will be sidelined and no longer be his master's best friend. Clark worries that Krypto will be lonely when he and Lois marry so he heads to a local animal shelter to purchase Krypto a furry friend to keep him company. At the shelter we meet Ace (Hart), a boxer trying to escape the shop and take his animal friends with him. Ace does escape but his effort is thwarted by Krypto.Later, Superman and Krypto take on archenemy Lex Luthor who is attempting to retrieve a meteor with a tractor beam that contains orange kryptonite, so he can use the kryptonite to gain superpowers. The efforts of Lex fail, as he is defeated by Superman, Krypto and the Justice League. Despite the defeat, a guinea pig named Lulu that was the subject of LexCorp experiments, is residing in the same animal shelter with Ace and company and manages to reel in a piece of the orange kryptonite and gives her the power of flight and telekinesis. As a result of Lulu's efforts the other animals in the shelter also benefit from the kryptonite and also develop superpowers, with Ace becoming super-strong and indestructible. Meanwhile, back at Clark's, he and Krypto argue over the pending proposal to Lois, and while this is taking place, Lulu shows up and captures Clark. Due to an unexpected appearance of green kryptonite, Krypto is weakened and is not able to rescue his master. In his weakened state, Krypto is still in pursuit of his master and runs into newly superpowered animals. After a bit of arguing, Ace and company eventually agreed to help Krypto find Clark. While the newly formed League of Super Pets begins their rescue efforts, Lulu has recruited a group of guinea pigs, which she gives superpowers to, and Lulu and company are able to capture the Justice League. Krypto and company's initial battle with Lulu and company fails, and they go to the Justice League's Hall of Justice to regroup.Eventually, the Super Pets get to confront Lulu and company again, and the second battle fairs much better for our furry, except of the one in a shell heroes. One epic battle involves a massive sized Lulu taking on the entire Justice League and the Super Pets. Their battle is intense, but who saves the day with all these heroes around? Why, Krypto of course! The film ends with all the shelter pets being adopted by the members of the Justice League, with Ace adopted by Batman, and the pig I failed to mention being adopted by Wonder Woman. The film does have a post-credit scene involving Black Adam and his dog Anubis, so you have been warned. I thought this film was fun, and I enjoyed the interactions between Krypto and Ace, and the reactions of the other animals when fighting and discovering their individual superpowers. There is an especially funny sequence involving a newly superpowered kitten named Whiskers, who nearly steals the movie. Johnson is the perfect voice for Krypto, and Hart equally matches his efforts as the voice of Ace. This is a film that can be enjoyed by all ages, with kids enjoying the antics of the pets and adults enjoying the witty dialogue. While certainly not groundbreaking in any way, "DC League of Super Pets" nevertheless introduces fans to Superman's pet Krypto and Ace, who has appeared in various Batman comic books. Sit back and just enjoy this pleasant and action packed animated film. Now on Blu-ray, DVD and streaming on various outlets including HBO Max. (Rated PG)



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