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Cringe Worthy Social Media Mistakes

Is your social media engagement down? If so, you may be committing one of these cringe worthy fails.

Liking your own posts

Liking your own posts is the most cringe worthy social media fail. You share things you feel are funny, memorable, or valuable. Sharing implies that you like the content, so liking your share is redundant. Focus on sharing the reason why you believe the content is worth viewing. Create a caption that tells a story about why you felt compelled to share that piece of content instead of liking it again on your own page.

Not tailoring content

Do you sell office supplies? Are you pushing office supply content to restaurants? Not understanding your audience will push people away who follow but would not benefit from your brand while ignoring people who could boost sales. Thoroughly research your target audience to ensure that you capture the attention of the audience that can benefit from what you have to say.

Grammar mistakes

Grammar mistakes in posts are a major reason for a decrease in shares. Carefully review your content before posting to spot errors before your audience does. Read them out loud to easily catch mistakes. Grammar issues undermine your message and focus attention on the mistakes instead of the message. Taking the time to review your post before submission will ensure that your message is received in a serious manner.

Ill - timed posts

In a world where news is a constant cycle of sadness and fear, consider the timing of your posts compared to breaking news stories. If your story can wait until the breaking news loses steam, your chances of being seen will significantly increase and your chances of being seen as insensitive to the current situation will decrease.

Unprofessional tone

When a customer comes into your store or calls in, which type of language do you use? Most likely, you use a tone that puts your customers at ease and lets them know they are in good and knowledgeable hands. The same tone should be used online. Your brand reputation still exists even if customers cannot see who is behind your posts. Treat your online accounts as you would a customer standing in front of you. Courtesy and professionalism go a long way in building a brand.

As you post online, keep in mind that if you would cringe at your post, others will as well.

*Printed in Volume 02 Issue 130, June 1, 2021*


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