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Climb the Social Media Mountain!

Getting your brand to the top of the social media mountain can be challenging. On top of determining your audience, you must also determine the type of content your audience wants to see. SWOT and PEST analyses can steer your content in the right direction. They allow you to explore parts of your business that you may not have thought of, give you fresh content ideas, and position you ahead of the competition.

A SWOT analysis explores the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with your business. Criteria such as unique selling points, seasonal and fashion influences, political effects, philosophy and values, and likely returns help create content that encourages conversation, which will increase social media ROI.

A PEST analysis is similar to a SWOT analysis, but allows you to explore a different set of content. PEST analyses focus on the political, economical, social, and technological aspects of your business. The criteria examples for a PEST analysis include lifestyle trends, media views, brand image, current and future legislation, economy trends, licensing, and patents. This set of content will help you focus on social media crisis management and can help create a crisis management plan.

Both the SWOT and PEST analyses encourage putting pen to paper and diving in to your business. This approach brings out the best parts of your business, allowing you to make your business shine, as well as the worst parts of your business, allowing you to tackle them before you are confronted with them on social media.


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