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Change Your Perspective!

Are you viewing your social media accounts as your customers do? Are you speaking to them in their language? Viewing your social media accounts from the perspective of your audience is the basis for connecting with your audience. 

Using jargon may sound fine to you because you understand it, but does your audience? Your audience will better understand your message through simplicity. Cut industry driven verbiage and speak to your audience as you would a friend. Think about a conversation with someone you know. Would you expect them to understand industry terminology? Apply the same standard to your social media audience. Simplistic language will create a connection that could put you ahead of your competition. 

Would you share your updates on your personal accounts? Could grammatical errors prevent a post from being shared by your potential audience? View your updates from the perspective of your audience to gain insight into how they will view and share your content to their audiences. 

How would your social media updates look to an outsider? Answering that simple question can connect you to your audience in ways that will boost visibility, trust, and sales. 


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