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Bristol Caverns

Hello everyone hope your Spring is outstanding. Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers. With the warmer weather we all get out and about more, so think about heading out to Bristol Caverns. Bristol Caverns is one of the oldest and most beautiful attractions in northeast Tennessee and has thrived as one of Bristol's most visited tourist attractions. A modern system of concealed, indirect lighting highlights the natural colors and beauty of the formations for your enjoyment. The tours itself takes you to all three levels of the caverns - from Mayor Preston's Chamber in the upper section to the winding banks of the Underground River 180 feet below on the cavern floor. Along the Underground River, you will be dazzled by dramatically displays of formations reflected in the streams waters. You can also peer over Lover's Leap, view the breathtaking Bridal Veil formation and stare in wonder at the dazzling formations of Entrance Hall. Don't forget to bring your camera!

Beautiful and majestic Bristol Caverns! Far below the earth's surface, in the timeless beauty of Bristol Caverns, a strange and exciting experience awaits you. Paved, well-lit walkways wind through the vaulted chambers and along the banks of the ancient Underground River that carved these remarkable caverns from the hard core of the earth 200 to 400 million years ago. In the frontier days, Indians used the Underground River as an attack and escape route in their raids on settlers. Stealing into the area by way of the Underground River and the caverns, they swooped down on unsuspecting families, then disappeared as if swallowed up by the earth. You will be retracing the same warrior paths while exploring the vast rooms and arches, columns, and natural stone formations of varying size and kinds. These formations, millions of years old, display rich veins of minerals which give the formations beautiful colors of red, blue, gray, brown and sparkling white. Stalactites and stalagmites, some larger than tree trunks and others smaller than straws, fascinate and give play to the imagination. Where some of these formation have grown together, massive columns have been formed reaching from the floor to the ceiling of the lofty rooms. With every view, nature's artistry is at its best and can be seen in the remarkable tumbling cascades and billowing draperies - all of solid stone.

Useless Facts:

1. Most of the World’s Caves Are Undiscovered

2. The TAG Area Used to Be a Sea. The TAG Area contains about 14,000 known caves.

3. Limestone is Made from Dead Animals. Most caves are set in limestone because limestone easily dissolves in rainwater. But limestone starts out in water as well. It’s made from sea organisms, like coral, shells, clams, and so on. When they die, their remains sink to the ocean floor, where the calcium carbonate collects. Once the sea retreats, like in our story above, the layer of limestone remains.

4. If You Discover a Cave, You Get to Name It

5. The 3 Deepest Caves Are Thought to Be Connected. Caves are hydrological systems: so they typically form by water dissolving rock and creating water highways. This means that most caves are connected. The only question is whether the passages are large enough for a human to fit through. This is also thought to be the case for the three deepest caves in the world. All three located in Georgia (the country – not the state), all within a couple of miles of each other.

Local Events:

1. Music on the Hill with Car & Bike Show April 29th Happy Valley High School

2. 11th Annual Thirsty Orange Extravaganza April 29th

3. Jesus Fest April 29th 10am to 1pm Calvary Chapel

4. Biblical Citizenship May 1st 6:30pm Calvary Chapel

5. State Street Tattoo Fest 19th to 21st State Street Bristol

6. Chapel Hart & 8 Second Ride May 28th East TN Distillery

7. Bugtussle June 2nd & 3rd Elizabethton, TN

Bike Night:

1. Wednesday – 19E Pit Stop

2. Wednesday – Jonesboro VFW – Dog Tags

3. Thursday - Quaker Steak & Lube

4. Friday - Tulips


1. WesMann’s Ride For The Ramp April 22nd Black Wolf Harley Davidson 11am KSU 12 noon

2. TN18-8 Poker Run May 6th Black Wolf 9:30am

3. Ride To Fight Suicide May 27th 9am Black Wolf


1. Thunder on Tobacco Road April 20th – 23rd Seven Spring NC

2. Thunder Beach Bike Rally May 3rd – 7th

3. Thunder In The Smokies 5th to 7th

4. Boozy Creek Rally May 12th to 14th

5. Myrtle Beach Spring Rally May 12th to 21st

6. True Sons MC Bike Rally June 2nd to June 4th

7. 9th Annual Snake Pit Bike Rally June 9th to June 11th


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