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Bikers: Who are They?

Hello once again my brothers and sisters. Hope the weather is treating you right and you get to ride for miles and miles and miles. Keep those knees in breeze, sunny side up and rubber down. Hoping you enjoy this article and hoping it reaches folks who don’t have any understanding of who we are.

Bikers who are they? This is a question asked a lot by folks who maybe have never met a biker, never ridden a bike. They tell us its unsafe to ride a motorcycle. Why do you ride, you could be killed? Well, its unsafe to swim in the ocean, go for a walk in the woods, drive your car and sometimes even unsafe to walk out your front door. You can’t live your life in fear.

What makes a biker a real biker? Is their leather-clad style dashing, or the roads that make them so intimidating, or that seem to be the part of a cult of motorbike worshipers? These motorcyclists are the modern knights of the open roads. And their bond with their comrades is more significant than blood, and here is why they have honor among themselves.

Whether you’re a motorcyclist from heart or a born daredevil, no Code in the world hasn’t been broken by you. There is an unspoken code that you follow all your life. Motorcyclists are fiercely loyal to each other. You know behind that rough and tough face a person lies who is sincerer than the neighbor to your next-door!

We were leather to help protect our bodies, helmet to protect our heads, and boots to protect our feet. We have tattoos because we like them but not every biker has tattoos. We are always the first to help out in our communities. We will stand up for our country, kids, animals, and our veterans. We raise money to help those in need. Can you say that?

Bikers Are Family! We are all about our families and friends and we will defend them at all cost. Bikers are very protective of their fellow bikers. Thus, each biker is like their brother and sister, so no one tries to mess up with them. They always stand for each other no matter what happens. That’s why you can see dedicated riders in the groups because bikers are not just a family; they are a pack.

Respect All! It doesn’t matter if it’s a man, woman, child, animal, and respect should be given to everyone. If someone is clearly at fault, bikers, don’t tolerate rubbish from anyone. Bikers have enormous self-respect and know that respecting each other is integral to avoid unruly violence or trust issues. When others get rude, they maintain cool and back their words with actions. But at the same time respect is earned.

Prestige Your Bike! There is a no-doubt. If you’re a biker, then your bike is your soul. As a motorcyclist Honoring your bike is necessary because your life depends on it. Taking care of your motorcycle and maintaining it is the utmost essentiality. Most bikers would like to explain, “Motorcycles are like our spouses; you don’t get to touch it, only look from afar!”

Never give up! Bikers don’t give up easily on these two things. 1. Once their mind is set and 2. nothing in the world can stop them from getting it done. That’s a bikers’ way; love in other aspects of life matters, just like their passion for their loved beast. The bikers’ topmost quality is that everyone envies, as they know what they want in life, and they will go to any limits to fulfill it.

No rider left behind! This shows the sign of Friendship between bikers. Come hell or high water, and the biker always sticks to the people who ride along with them. When anyone down at the side of the road, you wait for them. It’s one of the only times bikers hit the brakes. ​

Be Loyal to Your Own! A real biker is happy with whom they are, always. However, life is or how many actions they take, which might open to question (like those wheelies), everything defines them. Right from the way they talk or the way they dress, there’s an undoubted charm to every biker that makes them so alluring and a little freaky. Thus, there’s nothing that will make them change.

Keep Your Thoughts Constant! Stick to your principles and words. If you have made a promise to someone, that promise is etched in time. If you think what you said is right, then don’t turn back your words. A biker stands his ground and trusts his/her instincts more than others.

Ride with pride! Biking is not a game or hobby—it is art, which can be understood only by passionate people. No matter the cause or occasion, bikers ride. When they are sad or in doubt, they take a ride. But they never get tired of riding. Their soul is their motorcycle, and wherever they go, the bike goes too.


1. Respect Is Key. For any outsider stumbling into one of the many motorcycle forums or social media groups, the motorcycle scene can seem like a war zone at times. This might not seem very respectful, but there's a huge difference between what's going on online and what's going on in the real world. Don't let the beard, leathers, and skull rings fool you, bikers really are some of the nicest people you'll ever come across. Just realize that in order to get respect you'll also have to give it.

2. Don't Ever Touch Another Man's or Woman’s Bike. You'd think this one would be kind of obvious, but no. I've seen random members of the public grab the handlebars on a stranger's bike, even throwing their leg over it and taking a seat. Even worse are those who place their kid on a bike without asking. What's going through these people's minds? There's the risk of damaging the paint, the alarm could go off, or they could even drop the bike - causing damage worth thousands. And they would most likely be long gone by the time the owner gets back. There's an unwritten rule amongst motorcyclists - you don't ask to try someone's bike, ever! If someone offers you to try it, then it's ok, otherwise, stay off.

3. We Wave to Strangers. Have you ever seen motorcyclists greeting each other with a wave or a nod in traffic? It's not because they know each other, it's basically just to show some solidarity with other bikers. There are different ways of doing the "biker wave", none of them involve enthusiastic waving like a dork. The most common way is to just put your arm slightly out and point at the oncoming bike with two fingers. In countries where they drive on the right side of the road, a nod is more commonly used, and in some southern European countries they stick out a leg to say hello.

4. We Use Hand Signals to Help Each Other Out. Whether they're riding as a club or just tooling around town, there is an unspoken code of respect between motorcyclists. You can see this as they wave to each other, extending their hand low rather than high, or using specific signals to warn each other of speed traps, dead animals in the road, and other traffic issues.

5. Riding Makes Us Better at Driving Cars. If you want to get home in one piece when riding a bike, you'll have to be constantly vigilant. Always scanning the road for any dangers, reading the surrounding traffic, positioning yourself to see and be seen... there's a lot going on at all times.

6. Everyday Fashion Is Often Inspired by Bikers. Lately, the world of high fashion has become influenced by bikers as well as they've taken notice of the alternative fabrics and styles, bringing the biker influence onto the wider culture.

7. We Practically Have Our Own Language. Spend some time around a group of bikers, and you're bound to hear some biker slang, and it's not given that the average cager will understand what it all means. You might know that an old' lady is a wife or long-term girlfriend, but if she's just an acquaintance or friend riding pillion on the bike, the term back warmer or backpack is used. OMG does not mean 'Oh My God,' 'ape hangers' are not found in a zoo, 'church' is not where you go on Sundays, 'squids' are not found in the ocean, and 'weekend warriors' are not true bikers.

8. Bikers Do a Lot of Charity Work. There are countless biker charities out there. Everything from getting war veterans back on their feet, raising awareness for issues and diseases, to help fight bullying and making children's lives safer. And there's a perfectly good reason for this. While many people see bikers as big scary people covered in tattoos and leathers, they are actually normal people with families of their own. And just like normal people, they have been in the military, they've experienced illness, and they want people to feel safe. Next time you see hundreds of bikes riding in a convoy, it's more likely that they're on a charity ride rather than a bunch of hooligans out to cause havoc.

Local Events:

1. Sword & Shield Tournament 11am Tipton-Haynes State Historic Site Sept. 3rd

2. Celtic Festival Tipton Haynes State Historic Site Sept. 3rd – 4th

3. Southern Rock at Its finest. East Tennessee Distillery in Piney Flats Host The Kentucky Headhunters, Confederate Railroad, Slick Cadillac, Arron Walker all in one night. Sept. 4th

4. Rhythm & Roots Bristol TN and VA Sept 9th – 11th

5. Goose Head Reunion Boozy Creek Sept. 9th – 10th

6. Bike Show & Swap Meet at Temple Sept. 10th


1. Boone Bike Rally Sept. 9th – 10th

2. Salisbury NC. 22nd Smoke-Out Rally NC. Sept 9th – 10th

3. Thunder In The Smokies Sept. 9th – 11th


1. 4th Annual Call To Arms Ride Sept 11th Combat Vets

Bike Night:

1. Kingsport Moose Riders Every Wednesday

2. 19E Pit Stop Every Wednesday

3. Quaker Steak & Lube Every Thursday

4. Tulips Grub & Pub Every Friday

5. Peacemakers Bike Night 801 Boozy Creek Every 3rd Friday of each month

6. East Coast Wings Every Wednesday

7. Dog Tag Brigade Every Wednesday at Jonesborough VFW

8. The Pub Out Back Every Monday

9. Freddy’s in Kingsport every second Monday

10. Creek Side Bar & Grill in Stoney Creek every Wednesday


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