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Happy Anniversary Biker Wear!

Hello everyone, I truly hope and pray life is being kind to you and your families. Times are sincerely challenging on all of us these days as we watch all the craziness that is happening around us. The price of food is to the point where it’s hard to feed your family, gas prices are at an all-time high, major businesses are closing, and small businesses are being crashed. So, this week I am taking great honor in writing about a local small business that has hung in there and is still going strong. A local motorcycle shop. Biker Wear is located at 116 Buffalo Street downtown Johnson City, TN 37604. The business was started in the early 2000’s by Keith McCrary (who has now passed away) and was located at the Tri-Cities Flea Market it was all retail at that time then it moved to Piney Flats, remaining an all-retail store for all your biker needs. While still located in Piney Flats a really big man named Budha bought the business. So, on May 1st, 2014, Steve Crouch (better known as Budha) & his wife Tara, purchased the business. While in Piney Flats they kept it as just a retail store and did very well. In September of 2015 they moved the business to the old Ride Revolution building in North Johnson City across from the Harley dealership. While in this location they kept the retail side going, but to add to their business they started a full-service repair shop and parts department. Starting with a couple part time mechanics (Jay Hobbs & Clarence Ramey) in the evenings the service side kept growing and they had to hire more mechanics and another part-time person to help with retail. They hired a Certified Harley Davidson Mechanic to work on the Harley Davidson bikes and another mechanic to work on everything else. Joe, his part-time person passed away and in August of 2021, they hired me. Budha’s reputation was growing as an honest businessman with good moral, and as the business grew and life happens the building they were in was sold, and they were having to find a new location. Budha went in search of a new building. After weeks of looking, he and his wife Tara found the most perfect place nestled in downtown Johnson City. The move was on. We all slowly started packing up what we could while keeping the doors open. Budha and one of the guys started in March 2022 getting things ready at the new location. They spent their days working, pouring concrete, painting etc.… to get the new place ready. While the Harley mechanic ran the shop, and I ran the retail at our soon to be old location. Finally, the day came when we had no choice but to shut down for 1 week to make the final move. Stress levels were high to say the least, but we as a team made it happen and didn’t kill each other. Which was a feat in itself.  We all spent that week packing, loading trucks and transporting everything to the new shop and putting everything into place. We all had our moments. We all shed blood, sweat, tears and a few choice words. On April 30th we went home to get a good night’s rest knowing that the next day May 1, 2022, we would open our doors to the public at the new shop. The new place was more like all of us. Old school motorcycle shop with a twist. We have grown even more since being here. The shop side is booming, and the retail is getting better. This May 1, 2024, marks 10 years of Biker Wear being in business. So, to celebrate we are having Biker Wear’s 10th Anniversary Party at Wild Wings Café in downtown Johnson City. Starting at 6pm the party is on at 7pm Live music with Below 7, Food and beverage specials, giveaways, & more, free parking, no cover charge. Everyone at Biker Wear, Garza Law Firm and Wild Wings Café are going to make sure everyone has a blast. Thank you for your continued support. Come join us as we celebrate a local business and its owner’s Budha & Tara for making it 10 years. Just as a side note from me there are some days when Budha is a real ass, & I let him know by calling him “Asshole”!!!!

Useless Facts:

1. In 10 minutes, a hurricane releases more energy than all the world's nuclear weapons combined.

2.  On average, people fear spiders more than they do death.

3. There are crabs that are the size of a pea. There are known as ‘Pea Crabs’.

4. Froot Loops loops are all the same flavor.

5. The Statue of Liberty used to be a lighthouse.

Full Moons of 2024

1. Pink Moon on Tuesday, April 23 - 7:51 pm

2. Flower Moon on Thursday, May 23 - 9:55 am

3. Strawberry Moon on Friday, June 21 - 9:10 pm

4. Buck Moon on Sunday, July 21 - 6:19 am

5. Sturgeon Moon on Monday, August 19 - 2:28 pm

6. Harvest Moon on Wednesday September 18 - 10:36 pm

7. Hunters Moon on Thursday October 17 -7:27 am

8. Beaver Moon on Friday November 15 - 4:29 pm

9. Cold Moon on Sunday December 15 - 4:02 am

Local Events:

1. Biker Wear 10th Anniversary May 1st at Wild Wing Café Starts at 6pm Below 7 live at 7pm

2. Music City Police Motorcycle Skills & Training Competition at Bristol Motor Speedway May 1st – 4th

3. Kicking For Kim Benefit Concert May 4th - 4pm - ???? at 19 E Pit Stop

4. Black Jacket Symphony at ETSU May 17th

5. Iris Festival Greeneville, TN May 18th & 19th

6. She Rides May 9th – 12th

7. 4th Annual Bugtussle Bash May 31st – June 1st

Bike Nights:

Wednesday: 19E Pit Stop Elizabethton, TN

Wednesday: Jonesborough VFW

Thursday: Darrell Waltrip Bristol, VA

Friday: Tulips Johnson City, TN


1. Kicking for Kim Meet at 10:30am at Chaotic Crew Clubhouse KSU at 12

2. Puppy Poker Run May 11th

Bike Rallies:

1. Thunder Beach Spring Rally May1st – 5th Panama City

2. Route 66 Bike Stock May 2nd – 5th Depew, OK

3. Thunder in The Smokies May 3rd – 5th

4. Myrtle Beach Spring Rally May10th – 19th

5. Boozy Creek Drags May 10th - 12th at Boozy Creek

6. True Sons Pow Wow May 31st – June 2nd

7. Boone Bike Rally May 31st – June 2nd


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