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Backyard Terrors

Hello everyone, well Spring is here. Since everybody is going to want to get out and about I thought it would be nice to start telling folks about things to go do in our local area. (Backyard Terrors and Dinosaur Park 1065 Walnut Grove Rd, Bluff City, TN 37618) Phone: (423)391-7017 or (423)534-4429

Backyard Terrors started in 2007 with their first dinosaur sculpture in their backyard...where else? Since then, they have created and put together a plethora of things for all themes, pirates, monsters, dinosaurs, aliens, you name it! They do set design and can make an entire display or just make one unique piece. They also do some rentals. Backyard Terrors also operates The Funhouse Haunted Attraction, Monsters, Myths, and Legends and the Dinosaur Park, a non-profit free admission attraction for all ages.

Chris Kastner – Owner - These are Chris’s Words:

The dinosaur park is a dream of mine that started out with me wanting a life size dinosaur. I couldn't afford one so through much trial and error I built myself one in 2007. We received a lot of cars stopping to take pictures of our first one, the Jurassic Park-like Raptor that now stands just outside the entrance. After that one we built another and another, finally deciding to make a park of it for all to enjoy. We currently have over 60 prehistoric creatures with more coming soon as we grow. We have a picnic area and the local Pizza Plus delivers here. We also have a small gift shop. We're a donation-based attraction, which means we don't currently charge any admission to get in. We want children of all ages to able to afford to come here and experience life-sized creatures from our wonderful prehistoric past. All donations and gift shop purchases will aid us in expanding and becoming a better attraction for our patrons. We're open every day from 9AM to Dark. Tours are self-guided; photos and videos are permitted. We ask that no one touch the dinosaurs or exhibits except where intended. There are maps available for free at the entrance with information on the animals in the park and informational signs on each animal. Thank you so much for allowing us to do what we are good at and being able to serve the public while doing it. Our mission as always is to Entertain, Educate, and Impress!

Dino Park in the Dark. Bring your flashlights and your courage! The powers out and the dinosaurs are on the loose! It's after hours at Backyard Terrors Dinosaur Park. And a volcanic eruption has the dinosaurs all riled up! Sneak through the park and discover the mystery of dinosaurs in the dark, hear the sounds of the T-Rex crashing through the trees as the sirens signal a warning. See Park staff trying to recapture escaped dinosaurs! See trees alive with fireflies and escape the fire erupting volcano! We have 3 Payment Options: 1. Pay with credit or debit using PayPal: 2. CashApp $BackyardTerrors 3. Cash: Pay cash right at the gate. NOTES: 10.00 reserves your spot • If we leave 5 spots open to pay when you get here, 10 cars may show up to get them and we don't want folks driving this far for nothing. • We do also need volunteers if anyone would like to help out message here or email.

Useless Facts:

1. A dinosaur called the Pegomastax is one of the weirdest dinosaurs known. Described as a cross between a parrot and porcupine, it had a beak with teeth that sharpened themselves against each other.

2. In the 1993 movie, Jurassic Park, there is only 15 minutes of dinosaur footage: 6 minutes of CGI and 9 minutes of animatronics.

3. One of the weirdest dinosaurs is the Suzhousaurus. Looking like a giant rat, this odd dinosaur also had a furry body, which suggests it is a distant ancestor of the giant ground sloth.

4. People have only been on Earth about 2.5 million years. Dinosaurs lived on Earth for about 160 million years, which is about 64 times longer than people been around.

5. Meat-eating dinosaurs are known as theropods, which means “beast-footed,” because they had sharp, hooked claws on their toes. In contrast, plant-eating dinosaurs tended to have blunt hooves or toenails.

Local Events:

1. Beauty & The Beast Boxing & Dinner Weekend April 7th – 8th Pigeon Forge

2. TN Hill Brewstillery Bike Bash 10am – 1pm April 8th

3. WJ’s Spring Bike Show 11am April 8th

4. Truck Race on Dirt – Bristol April 8th

5. Food City Dirt Race April 9th – Bristol

6. Bluegrass in the Blue Ridge April 14th – 16th Meadowview Conference Center

7. Music on the Hill with Car & Bike Show April 29th Happy Valley High School

8. 11th Annual Thirsty Orange Extravaganza April 29th

Bike Night:

1. Wednesday – 19E Pit Stop

2. Wednesday – Jonesboro VFW – Dog Tags

3. Thursday - Quaker Steak & Lube

4. Friday - Tulips


1. Benefit for Mini Miracles April 1st at Indian Dealership KSU 11am

2. WesMann’s Ride For The Ramp April 22nd Black Wolf Harley Davidson 11am KSU 12


1. Cave Creek Bike Rally March 24th – April 2nd

2. Tallahassee Bike Fest April 14th – 16th Tallahassee, FLA

3. Thunder on Tobacco Road April 20th – 23rd Seven Spring NC


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