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Are You Connecting With A Brick Wall?

“Conversations are happening whether you are there or not.” - Kim Garst

Are you in tune with your audience? Likely not. You’re using social media to sell a product, service, or idea without considering the impact on your audience.

Conversations are being created around your brand every day. Those conversations are shaping the perception of your brand. Without your input, incorrect assumptions could be made about your brand that would lead to a lack of loyalty. Dedication to finding conversations that mention your brand is crucial to your success.

Negative conversations without your clarification can harm your reputation. If a customer had an issue with a product and mentioned it on social media, the backlash can grow to an unmanageable level. If you are managing your brand mentions, you can solve the issue in a timely manner and garner respect.

Your input is crucial to positive conversations as well. Commenting on positive conversations creates a bond with your audience and shows them you are grateful for their input. Your connections show that if they do happen to have a bad experience, you are there to make it right.

Conversations create the social part of social media. Without them, you are talking to a brick wall. That would look silly in real life, so why do it on social media? The conversations will happen with or without you. Take control of your brand by being a part of them.


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