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All That Breathes

This week I am covering one of the documentaires that is up for Best Documentary Feature Film for the Academy Awards. The film follows brothers Mohammad Saud and Nadeem Shehzad of India as they treat injured birds in India. The brothers were raised in New Delhi, and have an affection for Black Kites, a medium sized bird of prey they have seen and admired since their childhood. Unfortunately due to the heavily polluted skies of New Delhi, the birds often fall from the sky, and the brothers rescue as many as they can to treat their injuries. The brothers bird clinic is in Wazirabad, Delhi, and they have treated over 20,000 birds of prey over the last 20 years, helping the ecosystem in a country dealing with the aforementioned heavy pollution. The brothers have help from others in their efforts, and sometimes clash over rescue attempts and other matters. In one memorable scene, one of the birds grabs one of the siblings' glasses and flies away with them. In addition to the horrible air of the country there is also escalating violence in the country, of which we hear in the background but don't hear. One other interesting fact about one of the world's most populated cities is how monkeys, cows, frogs, rats and hogs jostle for space with humans. With all the pollution and upheaval around them the brothers bring a sense of peace to the area with their treatment of the birds. In other words, the city seems to be falling apart all around them, but they continue their life's calling. I was mesmerized by this film and the stark contrast between the peacefulness of the birds flying above and the heavily populated city below. One shot of hundreds of birds in the sky is a scene I will never forget. No special effects, just nature putting on a spectacular show. While most movie fans may shy away from documentaires, this is one I recommend you take the time to watch. The film has already won several awards already and they are deserved. The film is a co-production of India, the United Kingdom and the United States. The language spoken in the film is Hindi, and has subtitles, which I know many do not enjoy, but this film is worth the effort. I really enjoyed this tale of two brothers caring for injured birds, and I feel if you take the time to view this film you will as well. Speaking of the Oscars, the other nominees for Documentary Feature Film are as follows: "All the Beauty and the Bloodshed", "Fire of Love", "A House Made of Splinters" and "Navalny". After viewing this film I really want to make an effort to see the other nominees. Now streaming on HBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube TV. (Not Rated)



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