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Advocate for Your Advocates!

Customers and employees play a crucial role in telling your brand story. Relatable and memorable stories starring people that your audience can interact with establishes a rapport with current and potential customers and could lead to an increase in sales.

Customer success stories are great ways to showcase your problem solving skills. Show your audience how you can help them achieve their goals and overcome their challenges through real life stories. Success stories reflect a value driven experience throughout their purchasing journey, which places them at ease.g

Tutorials from people who have previously purchased your products help potential customers visualize how they would use or assemble your product. Think back to the last time you ran an internet search on how to assemble or use a product. Your customers could be in the same position and tutorials from customers who have been through the process can establish a rapport that could lead to customer loyalty.

Customer feedback is extremely important in a world where product reviews can easily be searched from the palm of our hands. Showcase real customer feedback from customers outside of your company who have objectively reviewed your product or service to give a potential customer a sense of what to expect from your product or service. Customer feedback is the backbone of any company and should be treated as an avenue to highlight your strengths and correct your weaknesses. Showing your audience that you are willing to improve based on their reviews creates a welcoming environment that will encourage return business.

Advocates for your brand can boost feedback by sharing their stories. They have tested your products and services to a higher degree than new customers and can guide them through usage, answer questions, and provide helpful feedback while shining a positive light on your brand. Your landing page and social media stories are great places to share advocate stories.

Employee journeys are an amazing way to connect with your audience. Show off the benefits of working for your brand. Happy employees create happy customers. When customers know the employees are being treated well, they are more likely to spend money knowing it's helping to maintain a well managed business.

Every single person who comes into contact with your brand creates an emotional impact. Sharing that impact across your social media channels can bring you and your customers together to solve problems and share experiences. A social media strategy including advocacy stories will lead to long term business relationships that promote growth.


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