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A Few Things to Remember When You Start Your Business

When you open a new business there are a lot of ways to spread the word. Social media is the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to grow. A few minor details can help your social media accounts shine a light on your business.

A complete profile allows potential customers to find out what they need to know about your business. Can they shop through your online store at 5:00 am? What time does your physical location open? How can customers contact you if they have a question or concern? All of those questions can be answered through your profile and will let your customers know you are focused on service.

Double check your usernames to make sure they are spelled appropriately, are relevant to your business, and consistent. Usernames can be changed, however updating your information after spreading the word will be rough. Clarity in your branding in the early stages will save you time and embarrassment.

Your profile photo shows the world who you are. What image are you projecting? Does it portray the essence of your brand? Your profile photo can make or break your brand and should be chosen with caution.

Your community wants to see you succeed and grow. Becoming an active part of your community will create partnerships that can expand your customer base. Seek out your local businesses and organizations and follow their pages. Sharing their content forms a bond and shows your followers that you are driven by a love of community, not money.

Keeping up to date in your industry helps you stay relevant. Follow pages that are in line with your industry and share relevant content on your pages. Allow your followers to educate themselves on your industry alongside you. Learning together helps you grow together.

Social media is the best way to grow a new business. Taking the time to craft a robust profile will help you connect with the community you serve.


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