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A Cowgirl's Song

Cheryl Ladd will forever be remembered as one of Charlie's Angels, and despite other roles, to me she will always be Kris Munroe, the younger sister of Farrah Fawcett's character Jill Munroe. Cheryl is back in the streaming film "A Cowgirl's Song" in which she plays a grandmother to two teen sisters Hailey (Savannah Lee May) and Candice (Rachel Cannon). After the sisters father is arrested for a crime he didn't commit, the sisters go to live with their grandmother Erin (Ladd), a famous country singer who has retired from the world of performing after the tragic death of her husband in a car accident. Hailey is an aspiring country singer who wants to follow in her grandmother's footsteps, but suffers from extreme stage fright. Her sister Brooke was a barrel racer until she was injured in said car accident. The movie follows the two girls as one struggles to overcome her stage fright and the other attempts to realize the accident which left her unable to barrel race any longer, may not be an end all for her. While the girls are living with their grandmother they convince her to come out of retirement in order to perform a concert to raise money for their father's bail money. Erin agrees to come out of retirement, and before she is to perform, she is helping Hailey fight her stage fright so she can perform on her own after getting assistance from a young manager who wants to make the budding singer famous. Once Erin's concert takes place, the money is finally raised, but later it's revealed there has been a betrayal by two guys close to Hailey. Erin and her granddaughters are not deterred and attempt to get the lost money back. Will they succeed? That's up to you as the viewer to find out, but since this is an uplifting family film, you probably already know the answer. Ladd is one of the executive producers of the film, and despite her fame, allows the young actors in the film to shine. This film is refreshing in the fact there is no violence, no cursing, and no bullying. The music in the film is typical of this genre and does give Ladd the opportunity to sing, as some may not realize she did release some albums in the late 1970's and early 1980's. The actors playing the teens are all fine, and the actors playing potential love interests, Dodge Prince and Jared Trevino are well cast for their respective roles. If you desire a sweet film full of love and music that will provide a pleasant reprise from the often chaotic world, then I suggest a viewing of "A Cowgirl's Song". After all, it's also time well spent with a former member of "Charlie's Angels"! Now streaming of various outlets including Netflix and YouTube. (Not Rated).



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