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5 Things You Need To Know About Social Media


Social media is a conversation between friends. Engage your audience. Ask questions. Get their opinions. Pretend that they are a friend standing in front of you talking to you about your area of expertise. Put the social in SOCIAL media!

Visuals Grab Attention

Visuals are a great way to entice your audience into reading your content. A great caption to accompany your visual is a sure fire way to garner attention, likes, comments, and shares.

Hashtags Are Underrated

Using hashtags can significantly increase your audience. They bring your content to people who otherwise would not see it. Be mindful and refrain from using a barrage of hashtags as it can turn your audience away. Choose industry and brand specific hashtags to place your content in front of the audience you want to attract.

Be You!

Show the personality behind your brand! Your brand has a story. The people behind your brand live and create your story every day. Show your audience how your brand came to be and how it is thriving by showing them what goes on behind the scenes. Give your audience insight on what makes you special!

Caring Leads to Sharing

Learn what troubles your audience and provide solutions. What is the biggest pain point of your audience? A solution to a common problem will lead to the sharing of your content and increased awareness of your brand.

*Printed in Volume 02 Issue 121 March 23, 2021*


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