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What Do Your Brand Colors Imply About You?

Your brand colors tell your customers what you can offer them. Will you be packing their order in eco friendly packaging? Offering them sales? Or maybe just wanting to put them at ease? The color you choose subtly gives a hint about your intentions.

Blue branding creates trust and a feeling of relaxation. It puts your customers into a calm state where they feel comfortable with their purchasing decisions. If the buyer does not regret their purchase, the sale is retained instead of returned.

Excite your audience by creating red branding. Sales branding in red will attract budget conscious buyers to your store who will likely be able to purchase more due to lower pricing.

Optimism in your brand shows through yellow branding. Yellow creates a vision for a successful future with your brand. Returning customers create a steady profit flow. Yellow branding can subtly assist customers in seeing their future through shopping with you.

A friendly environment can be created through orange branding. Friendly service is an important factor in creating consistent sales. Customers will want to return to your store knowing they will receive friendly service, which is uncommon in our fast paced world.

A peaceful and eco friendly vibe can be created through green imagery. A focus has been placed on environmentally friendly products and services over the past few years and green branding shows that you are in tune with the path the rest of the world is taking.

Any color outside of this list that speaks to your brand should be used in conjunction with the color of the mood you are attempting to create. The ultimate goal is to create a subtle connection that resonates with your customers and your brand and creates return business.


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