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Unique Romantic Gifts

Once again that day that makes Hallmark happy, Valentine’s day, is here once again. Your young bachelor friend once more has no one to buy anything for, which is perfectly fine with me. However, I think it is a good idea that we stop and think about what we can do to impress our lovers with unique gifts that are one of a kind.

It’s time we looked beyond cards, flowers, and the last-minute Whitman’s Sampler—though those are good. Surprise your partner with a gift that will truly show that you love them. That will stick around in their mind for weeks and months to come. The team here at AndyLabs has been working hard to put together the following list of suggestions. We all hope you find them useful.

A year’s subscription to “Goat Trek VR,” the “Star Trek” but with goats virtual reality game.

Music is always a good gift and there’s nothing more romantic this year than the delightful tribute album “Un-Brak My Heart: The Songs of Toni Braxton as performed by Brak from Space Ghost.”

DIY home projects are very popular thanks to a glut of property brothers. That’s why I’d like to suggest one of my favorite books for the home improvement go-getter. “1,000 Ways to Secretly Wall People Up in Your Basement with Wine Bait.” It’s a great book with lots of clear and easy instructions, plus handy visual aids.

Forget flowers or food, the novelty of arrangements made from fruits and chocolates has worn thin. If you want to surprise your lover with a bouquet, make it memorable this year and go with something unique like one made of duct tape. It’s not only a gift that won’t wilt away quickly but can come in handy for quick household repairs. Pretty and practical!

So many people enjoy looking at photos of houses for sale on the popular app and website Zillow. At long last, the publishing industry has gotten wind of this and now you can sit at home and enjoy “The Best of Zillow.” A coffee-table book full of photos of homes you can’t afford. Nothing quite says “I love you” like “Look at this Muti-million dollar home with a ridiculously small kitchen.”

If you’re in my generation, elder millennials, you no doubt recall the legendary TV commercial for a compact disc music collection known as “Pure Moods.” This collection of new-age music promised escape, dreams, hope, and better life fulfillment in 80 minutes or less. I am very happy to say you can now experience some of this in the ever-popular vinyl record format.

Yes, you can buy your loved one “Now That’s What I Call Return to Innocence.” This is nothing but four twelve-inch records that contain Enigma’s classic song “Return to Innocence” on each side in different mixes. Bask yourself in music that will take you on a mental journey to inner peace, or running away and living in the woods. Could go either way.

Of course, if none of these appeal to you there’s the ultimate gift you could give your partner. Some peace and quiet so they can finally get some sleep.

I hope all these will be helpful to you in finding the perfect gift for your special someone this year. See you next week.


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