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The Right Man for the Job

I did not write this one. I ask Mistress Marilyn to write it. Hope all of you enjoy this true story.

The Right Man for the Job: Doug Krockow

Have you ever experienced a dependable and knowledgeable technician/mechanic who is so trusted that you would follow him to the ends of the earth, just to keep him? I have, and just the thought of him disappearing into the night will cause panic attacks in me. I ride motorcycles. I own 2. One is considered a “classic” as it is now 30 years old. The other is a newer bike... 2018. Both are Harley-Davidson. Both are my mechanical babies. My children, so to speak. My tech is Doug Krockow. Doug started his journey into the realm of motorcycle maintenance in 1993. His basic studies began at the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute Phoenix. He procured his certificate in Basic Motorcycle Maintenance Program Harley-Davidson Technician Program Harley-Davidson Late Model Program Harley-Davidson Early Model Program. Doug was employed through various HD dealerships, attending new certification classes which include technician, expert technician, motor chassis, master electrical, and Master of service technologies. Doug knows Harley Davidson motorcycles. And continues to learn more of his craft by volunteering his weekends to assist Matt Walksler at the world-famous Wheels Through Time. Doug’s expertise is constantly expanding. He can be counted on to work on any model year throughout the history of the Harley Davidson line up. At present you can find Doug at Biker Wear, 116 Buffalo Street in Johnson City, TN. Doug’s expertise is a huge asset to our area. Doug does not carry the prima Donna complex. He loves his work and is not afraid of the mundane or the nasty jobs that most Prima Donna’s will not work on. I grew up in an era when the technician's work areas were in a generalized state of disarray. Their tools rarely saw a good wipe down after a greasy or oily job. Most tools were thrown haphazardly into the toolbox and the tech simply knew the general location of all his tools. This ain’t how Doug rolls, he understands the value of a well-organized and clean shop. Ya gotta love a man who has old school knowledge served up with today’s values of organization and cleanliness. Another interesting fact about Doug: he has another workspace off the premises of Biker Wear. It is packed full of bikes he is building for himself. He has built two bikes for his wife Kim, one is a beautiful custom build that made me want it for myself, and the other is a go-fast HD, built to impress! He is in the process of building an old Iron Head Sportster chopper for resale, as he wants to gain a base of money to rebuild the Panhead engine he inherited from his father. His idea is to build a custom Panhead chopper for himself, memorializing his father. Oh, did I say Doug is a 2nd generation biker? Yeah, he comes by his talent through his father’s tutelage. I’d like to sum up this article by telling y’all this: good motorcycle mechanics are not a dime a dozen. The good ones are the guys and gals with imagination and true love of their craft. Doug has the knowledge, the experience, and the true pride of workmanship to sell his efforts. I will follow this man to Alaska if he decides to pack up and ride there. He is my go-to for HD maintenance.


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