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The Annual Snake Pit Bike Rally

Hello everyone, hope life is being kind to you. Life can get very busy, so please take time to stop and smell the flowers, listen to the birds sing, the bees buzzing, and enjoy the fresh air and the warm summer sun.

The 9th Annual Snake Pit Bike Rally is just around the corner. Second weekend in June. This rally was started because my brother Jeff told me about a little boy in need. It started as a poker run to help raise money for him and his family. It turned into an overnight camping kind of thing with a solo act and a handful of fireworks and cookout. As the years went by it kept getting bigger. It turned into an annual event. With the purpose of always giving back to those in need. My brother had to go back on the road but my old man Pork and I kept it going. Now today we are in our 9th year. We were asked to call it a bike rally and yes it is a bike rally but everyone is welcome and the truth is, it is a benefit. This year we are showing love to The MisFit Hounds. Folks come to Shady Valley from all over and camp the weekend, enjoy games, live music, fireworks, vendors and some of the best food you can eat. It’s a time to get together with old friends and make new ones. Plus, it makes for some great stories that folks talk about all year long. We get the chance to give back to charity. We are not he biggest rally but we will always have to most heart. The folks who live in Shady Valley understand that once a year in our back yard a large group of bikers gather and do what we do best help those in need rather it be kids, or animals. We always give back. This event is a 21 or older event. Cost: $5 per person for Thursday, $15 per person for Friday, $20 per person for Saturday or, $35 per person for weekend pass, Bike Games, Vendors, Live Music, Tattoo Artist on site, Massage Therapist on site, Fireworks, Camping and much more. Thursday June 8th is the Pre-Rally Event, Bands on Friday June 9th: Jammin James, Gutter Frogs, Lynnae Moon, Kris Rowdy & the Hellbillys. Bands on Saturday June 10th: Weight Shift, Wise Blood, Lynnae Moon, Charlie Bonnet III & the Folkin Gasholes. Sunday June 11th: Breakfast & Church

Address is 1983 Highway 133 Shady Valley, TN. Contact me Beanz at 423-297-5675 TEXT ONLY PLEASE.

Useless Facts:

1. If we ever find the end of the Pi number, according to some scientists, that’ll mean we live in the simulation.

2. Dying stars caused that space smells like a combination of diesel fuel and barbecue, according to astronauts.

3. The infinity sign has the name, and it’s lemniscate.

4. Space travel makes mice run in loops.

5. The Eiffel Tower can “grow” to 15 cm during the summer.

6. About 20% of Earth’s oxygen is produced by the Amazon rainforest.

7. A teaspoonful of neutron star would weigh 6 billion tons.

8. Hawaii moves 7.5cm closer to Alaska every year.

9. According to research, fans of classical music and those who love heavy metal have similar personalities.

10. The chills you get when you listen to music are caused by your brain releasing dopamine, a neurotransmitter that causes pleasure. The brain releases these same feel-good hormones during sex and eating too.

11. There’s music made especially for cats. It seems like cats develop their musical taste soon after they’re born.

12. Music, classical in particular, can help make plants grow faster.

Bike Night:

1. Wednesday – 19E Pit Stop

2. Wednesday – Jonesboro VFW – Dog Tags

3. Thursday - Quaker Steak & Lube

4. Friday - Tulips


1. 9th Annual Snake Pit Bike Rally in Shady Valley, TN June 9th to June 11th

2. Junebug Boogie Bike Rally June 15th – 18th Cookeville TN

3. Thunder In The Smokies June 30th – July 2nd Maggie Valley, NC

4. 55th Dirt Drags Boozy Creek June 30th – July 2nd


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